Friday, March 19, 2010

Heights Snapshot: Sad

Yes, this is technically 2 pictures... I realize that.

Saturday, March 6

10:30 AM

Waverly at 8th

If you ever ride the Nicholson Bike Trail, you've probably seen this sad state of affairs: 2 rows of townhomes with only the street side units complete. I honestly don't have any idea how long the others have been sitting in that state, but I hope the whole back group meets the same fate as the one pictured in the second photo. The weekend after these were taken we were on the bike trail again and noticed the last unit on the street side was being dismantled. As you can see from the picture, at the start of the month it still had a sale sign in the yard. I can't imagine how. My heart really goes out to the people who bought the other units. Hopefully all the incomplete units can come down and these people can have a significantly improved view, even if it's of nothing.

Now it's actually 3 pictures. I just remembered I had a picture of the dismantling on my phone.


  1. It's even sadder for those of us who remember the 100-year-old live oaks torn town on the site (formerly 8th avenue elementary).

  2. We just saw these today! Unfortunately, believable. I do hope this is cleaned up quickly for the sake of the residents who are living in the completed units!

    Too many houses crammed on these lots in this section of the Heights!

  3. We just saw these today. I do hope they will get this sorted for the sake of the residents living in the finished units!

    Unfortunately, believable. Too many houses being crammed onto the lots in this section of the Heights!