Monday, August 19, 2013

Undici Undici Studewood: Piatto comes to the Heights

I just got back to Houston from 17 beautiful days in the Berkshires and the first thing I saw on my first morning back:

TABC Application by Piatto Ristorante Royal Oaks for 1111 Studewood

Looks like John Carrabba is moving in to the questionable 1111 Studewood building with a third location of his Piatto franchise. I've never eaten at the other Piatto locations (4925 W. Alabama at Post Oak and 11693 Westheimer at Royal Oaks Club Drive) but the minute I saw the name, I could picture the yellow and red logo. 

I loooove Italian food. If I could only eat one genre of food, Italian would be it. Yelp and other reviews look positive. While I lament another not-unique-to-the-Heights restaurant, I know that I have Coltivare to look forward to fulfill that need. Piatto will be easy walking distance and kid friendly for my family. If I really want to see a silver lining, I can say that perhaps this will not create too much of a traffic jam at Studewood/11th because people won't be coming from other parts of town to eat here like they do for Shade, Liberty Kitchen, or Glasswall. Customers will (hopefully) be largely local. I also realize it is probably unrealistic for an independent, small business to afford the build out and associated rent with this overblown project. Therefore, I say "Va bene, la prendo" and be happy for this concept over the cheesy Dallas sushi chain that was originally rumored to go in to this spot. I will remain optimistic.