Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Heights Happenings: March 30- April 6

Saturday, April 2, All Day: First Saturday in the Heights!
  • You all already know what this means, so get out there and visit your local businesses. Remember, if you don't spend your money locally, the shops you love so much cannot survive.
Saturday, April 2 & Sunday, April 3, Noon - 6 PM: Heights Spring Home Tour
  • This year's Spring tour consists of six spectacular homes and gardens (four historic and two new construction) each reflecting the unique character and architecture of one of Houston's most cherished and eclectic neighborhoods.
  • Also on the tour this year will be an opportunity to see the "before" version of Immanuel Lutheran Church which will soon be transformed into a community center for art exhibits, receptions, and community and youth programs.
  • Bus Shuttles will be available to transport you to all of the homes and are included in the price of your ticket. The shuttle route starts at the Heights Fire Station (Yale & 12th Streets), where parking is available.
  • Tickets are available at many local merchants, including Write Now!, Dacapo's, Buchanan's and more
  • Check out the link for additional info. http://houstonheights.org/springhometour.htm


Thursday, April 7, 5:30 PM: Help save Love Elementary
  • HISD will be holding a meeting at Love which will ultimately decide if the school remains open or closes.
  • Due to a rising number of young families in the area, parents are concerned about class sizes and where all the not-yet-school-aged kids will go in 2-3 years.
  • If you are a parent, a concerned community member or someone who believes in public education for the good of all children, please attend and support this school and the efforts of it's teachers and parents!
  • 1120 W. 13th Street


Saturday, April 2, 7 PM: Magic on the Bayou, benefitting Blackwood Educational Land Institute
  • Blackwood Educational Land Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to land-based learning that encourages the spirit and feeds the soul as it challenges and educates the mind. Located near Hempstead, a formerly neglected tract of land has been turned into a living learning environment. Blackwood is an ecosystem and living classroom that inspires and teaches students of all ages to explore the natural web of life and to develop a healthy, respectful relationship with nature.
  • The Green Wellies award recipient will be Kevin Shanley. As Chairman of the Board of the Bayou Preservation Association and CEO of The SWA Group, Kevin has demonstrated sustainable practices, vision and leadership in our community. He has worked tirelessly to protect and restore the Houston bayou system through design and policy reform.
  • For more information and to register, visit the Magic on the Bayou page.
April 2, 3 PM & April 4, 8:20 PM: Final 4 Watch Party at Market Square Park

  • April 2 game begins at 5:20 PM; April 4 game begins at 8:20 PM

  • Don’t have tickets to the Championship games? Don’t sweat it! Join the Greeks for some mega-madness at Market Square Park. Watch the games on our flat screens while indulging in delicious Greek food, beer and wine all night long. Sponsored by Niko Niko’s Market Square and the Downtown District.

Sunday, April 3, 8 AM: Bayou Bikers Houston bayou tour
  • On the first Sunday of every month join the Bayou Bikers, an informal meet-up group aiming to show Houstonians and visitors the beauty of Houston’s waterways. Local and visiting bikers are invited to join the group on 25 – 40 mile rides exploring the area’s bayous.
  • These rides are free and open to all skill levels, but mountain bikes or bikes with fat tires are necessary.
  • Bikers meet at Market Square Park, 301 Milam downtown

Monday, March 28, 2011

Rewind: Henna in the Heights

April marks the 2 year anniversary of this blog and a lot has changed since I started it. I've had a second child. That's a big one. I also got on Twitter, started a Facebook page and, as a result, have many more friends and neighbors reading this blog than were one year ago. As a result, there are some posts about great neighborhood businesses and people that many of you probably never saw. I thought every once in a while I might dig up and re-post something from the old archives, giving a second life to some old favorites.

Now that the warm weather is here, I start to think about henna! I love that I happened across this great Heights business. It's developed a fun summer habit, as well as a really nice friendship.

Henna In The Heights
July 9, 2009

I have to admit, I drive a little too fast up and down Yale. I think part of the reason is that I am never going anywhere actually on Yale. It’s not a destination for me. It’s a route. As I zip up to 19th Street or head south, avoiding the train on Heights, I miss things. I never used to think I did. There are the “antique shops” and the crazy, bright green real estate office. I thought I had a handle on what was happening on Yale. That was until I went down Yale as a passenger. And my husband doesn’t drive nearly as fast as I do.

We were driving along, and as I stared out the window all sorts of things popped out for me- most notably a store front tucked in to a spot that had never drawn my eye before. What grabbed me was not just the bright turquoise trim of the building, but also the poster of a hand decorated with traditional Indian henna tattoos. What was this all about? I was curious and couldn't wait to investigate.

The Original Henna Company store front on Yale, just over the fence/north of the newly renovated building that houses Anytime Fitness

As luck would have it, shortly after I was Freecyclinga bunch of stuff, I recieved an email from a woman named Soniya regarding an item I was unloading. That was luck, you see, because Soniya’s email signature says “The Original Henna Company, 1130 Yale St.” A HA!!

I popped in to her sort-of tucked away shop on Yale a couple weeks ago to get the scoop. I was delighted by all the gorgeous pictures of henna tattoos she had done. Some simple. Some elaborate. All beautiful. Before going by Soniya’s shop, I was aware of henna tattoos and their traditional use for Indian weddings, but I had no idea how many different reasons there are to get henna done. Soniya told me that she has a lot of people who just get it just because it’s pretty. People will come in with their own art work and she will duplicate it in henna for them. She has done heads of cancer patients and written scripture across people’s backs. One woman had her do a design down the entire length of her body. Just because it’s pretty. I can see that. She also has women come in to get henna on their pregnant bellies. One of Soniya's favorite belly tattoos is a gorgeous tree with the symbols for strength and patience on each side and the baby’s name written in Hindi on the trunk. I was bummed I had missed that opportunity to do something like this, having just had a baby less than 2 months before. Maybe next time (Did I really just say next time?).

Traditional wedding henna

Pregnancy henna

Another great customer base she has is people considering real tattoos. Henna is like a try-it-before-you-buy-it option. People who are considering something large or conspicuous can test drive their design by living with it for a couple of weeks before getting the needle. Parents have brought in teenage kids who think they want to have a tattoo. Brilliant. Henna gives you a real sense of what it’s like to have a tattoo without the permanence.

Some examples of henna as temporary tattoos.

Of course I wondered how Soniya and her henna came to The Heights from Sugarland. Was there a demand here for her services? Soniya is a 3rd generation henna artist and started training in India at the age of 5. She and her family moved to Houston (actually Sugarland) when she was 13 years old. Her mother and sisters still have a successful henna business of their own down there. Soniya’s years of training and experience in the family business are certainly obvious in the beauty of her work. Soniya said she and her husband were looking for someplace they could live and work and also raise their family. They found the building the shop is in and liked it, but knew nothing at all about The Heights as a neighborhood. She says she just got a good feeling about the neighborhood. She said it “was calling me.” When it feels right, it feels right. Of course, in traditional Heights fashion, neighbors were very welcoming. Sometimes people just pop in to say “hi.” She likes that it is a neighborhood that understands and appreciates all kinds of art. It’s a place where “ideas are communicated” and “people share.” Like me, she has had a lot of support from the local parents group, Heights Kids, as well.

Despite loving living here and having support from locals, the neighborhood doesn’t drive her business. You see, Soniya is not just an everyday good henna artist. She was telling me about all the events she goes to- trips to Mexico and Florida. She told me how Beyonce’s parents have her do henna at their big Christmas party every year. She has regular clients from sports teams locally and around the country. I was especially curious about this. “Are henna artists uncommon?” I asked. No, she said. They are very common, but Soniya has something special- skill and speed that come from years of experience. In fact, she was supposed to be trying for the Guinness Book World’s record for henna tattoo speed this year (She is able to easily do 50 tattoos an hour for events like wedding parties)! Guinness is going to have to wait though, since she is welcoming a new baby this fall.

Who needs jewelry?

When I was growing up, I can remember my mom putting “henna” in her hair. That henna, as I remember, was a powder. Henna dye used for the tattoos is the same base and concept but in a paste. It’s an all-natural recipe of ground leaves from the henna plant, eucalyptus oil, clove oil, lemon juice, red tea and water. All these things together make the paste, which is applied to the skin and allowed to dry. In a short period of time, the paste will fall off and the skin will have absorbed the stain. It will look orange at first but deepens to a dark brown. Soniya makes her own henna paste using henna plant imported from India from a company her family has been buying from for 50 years. Apparently it has a very low allergen possibility and is even used in other parts of the world to help heal skin conditions. Cool stuff.

The natural aspect of henna is important. Apparently, there is something out there called “black henna” and it is not something to mess with. This is the kind of thing you’ll find at places like spring break locations and tourist traps. The reason Soniya felt the need to make sure I knew about this was not just because it isn’t real or traditional henna. It’s actually dangerous. Rather than taking the time to make the labor intensive henna paste, these quickie henna shacks use a chemical dye, like hair dye. As you can imagine, this can cause a pretty nasty skin reaction. Watch Soniya’s interview with Click2Houston to see an example of what can happen and how to prevent it.

Soniya, who is expecting her 2nd child this fall (EDIT: Soniya is now the proud mom of 2, including a sweet little girl, pictured here in her belly).

My 12 year old niece is coming to visit in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait to take her to see Soniya for henna tattoos. You should really pop in to her shop sometime for a visit. It’s so comfortable and relaxing. If you think henna is pretty but aren’t inclined to get a henna tattoo, Soniya has beautiful canvasses of her own henna designs. She also sells traditional Indian jewelry and clothing. They have some upcoming expansion plans for the shop as well, and Soniya’s sister will be able to be able to offer additional aesthetic services like hair henna by the end of the year. I have a feeling that once I get one, Soniya might be seeing more of me.

Soniya is at the shop most days and appointments are also available.

Some of the artwork the Soniya creates with her own henna designs.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Heights Happenings: March 23- March 30, 2011

Friday. March 25, 8 PM- 11 PM: Heights Live presents Deadman
  • Deadman started in 1999 by Steven Collins as avenue to explore his songwriting. Having changed from a 4 person format to a duo to a 6 piece band, the sound and message of Collins' songs remain the same. Hope, mercy, and themes of life and death are staples of the Deadman catalog which includes 4 albums over ten years, "Paramour" (2001), "Our Eternal Ghosts" (2004), "Severe Mercy" (2008), "Live At The Saxon Pub" (2010) and "Take Up Your Mat and Walk" (2011).
  • $15 donation at the door
  • 240 W 18th at Heights Presbyterian Church
  • For more information or to contact: Heights Live webpage
Friday, March 25, 6 PM: Contents "Fashion LIterary and Art's Benefit"
  • "An Outreach for Children Affected by Burns"
  • Join Contents in an evening of music, wine and h'orderves while receiving 25% off on all regular priced items, and a chance to enter into a drawing to win a gift certficate to the store!
  • Hallagreen Publishing, Musicheals, and Arts4Healing will be selling art work and new activity books for children that have suffered burns.
  • Book purchases will be donated to children's burn centers nationwide. Art proceeds will be donated to the Houston Fire Department.
  • 249 W 19th St
Sunday, March 27, 2 PM- 4 PM: Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Pathways to A Cure project presents "How many times do I have to tell you?"
  • Dr. Myron Friedman will present this parenting seminar focused on practical strategies to teach children better self-control, improve listening skills, to follow directions when asked the first time, and to become independent and responsible. This seminar is directed for parents of infants to pre-teens.
  • Dr. Friedman is a PhD in educational psychology and presenting this event as a fund-raiser for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Special guest Emma Woodle, LLS girl of the year.
  • Minimum donation to LLS of $20 to attend. Childcare available with RSVP and additional donation.
  • RSVP at pathwaystoacure@gmail.com
  • Flyer with all details: http://pathwaystoacure.blogspot.com


Friday, March 25, 11 AM- 2 PM: Houston Green Tour of 2424 Sakowitz Street

  • Houston's first green multifamily housing development is New Hope Housing's 2424 Sakowitz community (named after the very street on which it resides honoring the rich history of the Sakowitz Family). As a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) for Homes certified Platinum (the highest level of certification) property, 2424 Sakowitz is Houston's first green multifamily housing development. The fact that it is also permanent supportive housing makes this recognition even more significant.
  • Located in the Greater Fifth Ward/Denver Harbor, the Sakowitz development contains 166 units and is New Hope's largest single room occupancy affordable housing community offering life-stabilizing, quality housing at a more stable rental rate.
  • The event is free and open to the public.
  • Visit www.houstontx.gov/mayor/leedtour.pdf for more information and a map.

Saturday, March 26, 9 AM- 2 PM: CoH eCycling event

  • Houston residents are encouraged to drop off and recycle any brand of electronic products or computers between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m., Saturday, March 26, 2011 at the Houston Reliant Stadium (blue lot), home of the 2011 NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Men's Final Four, April 2-4, 2011. This eCycling is free and the eCycling group will be on hand to take items from your trunk.
  • The City of Houston and the Houston Final Four Local Organizing Committee are working with Official NCAA Corporate Partner, LG Electronics USA and Official Sustainability Partner of The Big Dance Concert Series and Bracket Town, Waste Management Recycle America to sponsor this eCycling drive.
  • Follow signs to the eCycling drop-off site as you approach Reliant. For more information visit www.greenhoustontx.gov/ecycling20110326.html andwww.greenhoustontx.gov.


St. Andrew's on Heights Blvd will be hosting their Spring Bazaar on Saturday, April 30 to showcase artists, crafters and other specialty vendors. Vendor spots are still available. If interested in receiving an application, contact Laurie Hardwick at lauriewh@earthlink.net.

ListeningRoom Series lives again with Live CD

Andrew Dansby March 17, 2011- Houston Chronicle

Five years ago, Chris Whitley, a restlessly creative musician who always put his muse ahead of any financial goals, returned to Houston to die. All Whitley had was two guitars, some clothing, a backpack and lung cancer. He turned to a friend, Corinne Tames, who managed him during the last year and a half of his life. She took him into her home and paid for the uninsured Whitley's medical care until he died on Nov. 20, 2005. Tames' own finances were shaken as a result. One month, Tames, a single mother with two daughters, didn't have enough money to make a payment on her house. The Musician's Benevolent Society of Houston made a contribution that helped her. "It was $1,000," she says, "and to me it was like I'd received $10,000. It was a really desperate time for me. And they got me over that hump."

She's paying back the favor this month with ListeningRoom Houston "Live". The CD - which features performances by Alejandro Escovedo, Terri Hendrix, Charlie Sexton, James McMurtry and others - is being released in a limited edition pressing of 1,000 copies at Cactus Music (2110 Portsmouth) and atwww.listeningroomhouston.com. All proeeds from the $16 album benefit the MBS. Furthering the sentimental value of the project, the 17 songs on the album were all taken from the ListeningRoom, a concert series that Tames curated for three years, mostly at the NiaMoves Studio. ListeningRoom shows were notable for their focus on the music since they were held in a yoga studio rather than a bar; there were no clanking bottles to be heard at a ListeningRoom show. "We were hoping to capture what the essence of that room was like," she says.

The series concluded late last year.

Sexton was a key figure in getting it started. He was a longtime admirer of Whitley's work, though Tames says that doesn't make him unique among the performers on the CD. "About 90 percent of the people who played ListeningRoom shows worshipped him," she says. "And they didn't even know I was connected to him in any way. They just loved his music." Sexton agreed to perform at two tribute concerts organized by Tames, one in Austin and one in Houston, in early 2006. They became friends, and he encouraged her to start the ListeningRoom in Houston.

Tames says the decision to shut down the series "was a tough one, but we had to make it for personal reasons as well as the economy." She says she still hears from attendees who wish it would return. She's hoping those with fond memories of the series will want the album, as it captures the feel of the shows there.

"Really if there's a moral to this whole thing that I hope people get, it's that you do the right thing and you do what your heart tells you to do, even in trying and difficult times," she says. "My situation seemed dire and difficult and hopeless and out of it grew wonderful friendships. So I'd love to sell all of these and for that money to go to help somebody else."

Monday, March 21, 2011

Our 1st Craftacular- Recap

Last Saturday brought some beautiful weather for the inaugural weekend of Second Saturday Craftacular, a new monthly art and craft market. The event, curated by Teresa O'Connor from Hello, Lucky and hosted by Davis Hardware, featured local artists, hand made goods, and crafty fun.

The market will run the 2nd Saturday of the month from 11 AM- 3 PM.

The monthly event kicked off on the small side with 10 vendors. This was, Teresa explained, to get an idea of what was working, what wasn't and generally work out any kinks early on. Next month, we can expect more vendors. We can also anticipate warmer temperatures- good thing some refreshing shaved ice will also be on hand.

With her shop right across the street, Teresa wanted to offer something different and fun for the Craftacular. Instead of already created items, Teresa packaged up some little craft sacks to help us all indulge our creative sides. For about the price of the change in your car's cup holder, there were all kinds of notions to be had.

Craft bags in the blue. Grab and go!

Vintage NatGeos were also available for repurpose in your next creative project.

A couple of other vendors I recognized from the shop, but some were also new to me. It was great to see a large collection of Sara Huffman's found block art. I've been thinking about sending one of these to my sister back East but never saw just the right one. I was drawn to the great colors and message of "intrepid" but also felt that "sublime" was nice. In any case, I didn't pick one up this month because my kids would have thought it was a toy for them. Next month I'll see what inspires me and send it on.

Another favorite local artist of mine, Lisa Chow was on hand with prints and art cards. She also made homemade chocolate chip cookies. You're not going to find that at a big box store! Lisa's illustrations are pure imagination. You can check out her Etsy store here but it's more fun to meet her in person and get some baked goods!

The other tables were all new to me. It was great to see so much diversity of product in such a small group. Each table was very unique from the other, keeping it interesting and focused. I can't wait to see what happens as this little market grows from month to month.

Frilled and Feathered. I love jewelry and am a sucker for hand made. I love anything one-of-a-kind or at least not mass produced. Frilled and Feathered had some really whimsical and creative pieces, but also plenty that would appeal to a more conservative wearer.

There were funky shirt options available for both men and women. Both genders had their choice of tshirts or printed Western shirts from Tupelo Grease Company. While women could wear some positivity on tops from Guli Essa's line "Self Apparel."

Men's and women's tshirts from Tupelo Grease Company

Self sufficient- just one of the positive messages from Guli Essa

More local artists were representing, including Garrett Arnold, who you may know if you hang out at Antidote at all. He had these great mixed media works and illustrations:

Funky art couple Sylvester Sanchez and Erica Bogdan were working their table and working up more drawings at the same time. Both are recent college grads who work in graphic design. It's great to see new faces represented and getting the work they love out there!

Lastly, if you've never been in Davis Hardware, you might not realize they are primarily a framing shop. Robert, whose family owns the shop, was representing with frames and mirrors, ready to answer questions. His aunt, Twila, was also out with some stamping supplies, offering demos.

I love it when people come together and strengthen the fabric of the neighborhood. It's so wonderful of Davis to host this event in their parking lot. The store is open until 1 PM on Saturdays and they are giving up 99% of their parking, but it's all about being part of the community and working together to support local business and artists. Who can argue against that?

Had to include my boys, who enjoyed the whole thing by running me ragged, touching every.single.thing.in.sight. The only time they would stand still was to make some faces in Davis Hardware's mirrors.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

For us children of the 70s...

I just about tripped over myself when I saw this car for sale in the lot of the future Liberty Kitchen restaurant at Studewood and 11th. When was the last time you saw an AMC Pacer? When was the last time you saw any model AMC?

AMC had the funniest looking cars and they were all over my hometown (I think they used to have all wheel drive?). Seeing this brown bubble car made me totally nostalgic. I'm sure I'm not alone. There are plenty of people in the Heights who I think can appreciate this car as sheer awesomeness.

1978 AMC Pacer. With A/C!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Heights Happenings: March 9- March 16, 2011

TONIGHT (and every Wednesday night): Night ride with Blue Line Bike Lab
  • Join Blue Line on their weekly night ride, starting from the shop at 7 PM and returning around 9 PM
  • There are 2 groups of riders, one fast group and one slower group averaging about 12-14 MPH.
  • Apparently, there is usually some sort of beer drinking afterward for people who are interested.
  • 3302 White Oak
Saturday, March 12, 11 AM- 3 PM: The Inaugural event for Craftacular
  • The wonderful folks at Hello Lucky are always looking for new ways to get handcrafted and local goodies to the masses. This Saturday marks the 1st Craftacular, curated by Hello, Lucky and co-sponsored by Davis Hardware, will feature many favorite local artists and crafters.
  • This month will include works by Garrett Arnold (yes, Garrett from Antidote- awesome drawings), Tupelo Grease Co (tees), Melissa Bauman (craft supply crazy), Robert Mader (frames), Sarah Huffman (amazing found sculpture work), Lisa Chow (prints, cards), Camella Clements (soap), Erica Bogdan (drawings and cards) and more.
  • The event will take place in the Davis Hardware lot, 1028 Studewood, on the Second Saturday of the month
Saturday, March 12, 6:15 PM: Rouse House house concerts presents Seth Glier
  • Seth’s current CD, The Next Right Thing, debuted last month in the iTunes top 100. His current single, Lauralee, has begun receiving major radio airplay. Saturday night is an outstanding opportunity to see a rising star!
  • Due to guidance from ASCAP and BMI, Rouse House cannot accept payments prior to the party. They respectfully suggest an honorarium of $15 per person, which can be paid by cash. All proceeds go to the performing artist. CDs are usually available for sale during intermission.
  • Guests should arrive between 6:15 and 7:15 pm. There will be a potluck dinner prior to the concert. Rouse House provides coffee and lemonade but you are welcome to bring what ever you would like. We have wine glasses for those who wish to bring wine.
  • Music will begin at 7:30 pm.
  • To RSVP, please email rouse_house_concerts@yahoo.com. Visit Rouse House's Facebook page for more information and link to their blog, where you can see clips of Seth Glier.


Saturday, March 12, 10 AM- 1 PM: MaterniTea Party at Young and Restless
  • Join other mamas-to-be for an informational get together, with subjects ranging from how a doula can help you in pregnancy, birth, and beyond; breastfeeding, midwives, diapering, and childbirth methods. This month's speaker will be Shannon Stellhorn. Shannon will be discussing the benefits and advantages to cloth diapering.
  • Also, enjoy checking out the consignment shop and their large supply of new and used cloth diapers! Light refreshments will be served and samples and other goodies may be available.
  • The party are FREE and open to anyone interested in attending. Spouses, partners or other support persons welcome!
  • Space is limited, so please RSVP to reserve your space. 7138617647
  • 3468 Ella Blvd


Saturday, March 26, 8 AM- 1 PM: Trash Bash at Moody Park!
  • Join the community to clean up Little White Oak Bayou. The organizers are hoping to draw over 500 volunteers to help with this clean up project!
  • Free lunch and t-shirts, plus DJ entertainment and door prizes.
  • Great for youth groups, church groups, corporate groups, and families. Organized by MD Anderson Family YMCA of Greater Houston
  • Email sherryb@ymcahouston.org to pre-register your group!
  • Moody Park (3725 Fulton)

Saturday, March 26, 10AM - 12PM: Crochet necklace class with The Crochet Dude at Texas Art Asylum
  • Houston's own Drew Emborsky, crochet pattern designer, blogger, author, and TV star, will be in the house to teach you how to make a fabulous crocheted necklace.
  • Don't miss this opportunity to rub crochet elbows with this local craft celebrity! Enjoy his unique style, and learn some great new techniques.
  • Drew is generously donating all proceeds from this workshop to The Center for Recycled Art, so it's all for a good cause, too.
  • Art Asylum classes have been selling out, so get your spot ASAP. $50 and you bring a G or H crochet hook. They provide everything else. Register via this link
  • 1230 Houston Avenue.

The Heights Association's Education Committee is proud to be hosting their 6th Annual Youth Art Show. Artwork by neighborhood talent is still being accepted for the April 1st show. To participate, please note the following.
  • Prizes to be awarded include gift certificates for art supplies and /or ribbons.
  • Judging by Heights Fine Art Professionals
  • All work must be two dimensional - no crafts or sculpture.
  • All work must be matted or mounted.
  • Limit two works of art per artist.
  • Open to any child who EITHER lives OR goes to school within the Houston Heights' boundaries - grades Pre-K through 12th.
  • Event will be held at The Historic Fire Station at 12th and Yale from April 1- 3, 2011.
Art Drop Off and Registration:
March 31st - 9:00AM to 6:00PM
April 1st - 5:00PM to 7:00PM
April 3rd - 4:00PM to 6:00PM
  • For more information please go to www.houstonheights.org or call Sheila Tybor @ 713-880-1031 or Karen Derr @ 713-875-7050

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Heights Happenings: March 3- March 10, 2011

Friday, March 4, 3 PM- 6PM: Sew Sweet Creations party at Heights Beatniks
  • For the months of March (and possibly longer), Heights Beatniks will be featuring children's clothes and gift items from Beth Philley of Sew Sweet Creations. And because they love a good time, they're throwing a party to celebrate!
  • Beth makes both boys and girls clothing, and accessories like blankets and hair bows. Beatniks will also have great gift items, like bibs and burp cloths.
  • Green Plate Kids will be there serving up turkey sliders, along with light refreshments and other snacks.
  • Also, that evening from 6:00 PM- 8:30 PM, the shop will be celebrating the opening of works by multi-media artist Molly Rodriguez.
Saturday, March 5, 11 AM- 6 PM: 1st Saturday Arts Market, 7th Birthday edition
  • This month marks the 7th year of our wonderful 1st Saturday Arts market! There are some wonderful artists joining the market this month. I would love to give a special shout out to jewelry maker Ann Westby of Petals & Metals. Great jewelry; great person. Wanna know the other artists who will be in attendance: Click here
Saturday, March 5, 4 PM: Mini Mardi Gras at the Big Mamou
  • 4pm-Crawfish Boil. 7pm-Live Music w/ Texas Heat. A real Fa is-do-do at the Mamou!
  • Mardi Gras Bock and Abita Strawberry now available in the cooler.
  • 903 Studewood (great outdoor seating available).
Saturday, March 5, 6:30 PM- 9:30 PM: Happy Belly Studios Grand Opening reception
  • Join the Heights area's newest yoga (and pilates) studio for their grand opening. Offering classes for all levels, hot yoga, private classes and yoga merchandise, Happy Belly wants to help you "Keep your belly happy, keep your Buddha about you."
Sunday, March 6, 5:30 PM: Kolanowski Studio presents musician Kevin So.
  • Kevin first hot the music scene New England around 1995, eventually branching out to Chicago and the Midwest, eventually moving to New York City and releasing the double CD Leaving The Lights On in 2003. In 2007, Kevin won the coveted “Best Music & Lyrics” award at the prestigious New York International Fringe Festival. The following year Kevin released Best Foot Forward, a full-length reconnection with folk and blues, its songs recorded in just three days with the assistance of producer Steve Rapson, who produced Kevin’s first CD, 1996’s Pendulum.
  • Recently, Kevin has toured with Keb' Mo', performing at venues like Carnegie Hall. Kevin has also opened for Joe Cocker, Randy Newman, Little Richard, Billy Bragg, Richie Havens, Amos Lee and more.
  • $20 honorarium. Doors 5:30, food and beverages will be available. Feel free to bring something to share. BYOB. Show starts at 7:00 PM
  • For more information and reservations, contact Greg Kolanowski at greg@kolanowski.com

Sunday, March 20, Noon - 3PM: Poets Helping Pets poetry reading at A Peaceful Pet
  • Our furry friends at A Peaceful Pet would love for you to join them for Poets Helping Pets. This unique spring pet charity event will benefit PugHearts of Houston Pug Rescue. A Peaceful Pet is hosting a poetry reading by some of Houston’s best loved poets: John Milkereit, Jill Haugen, Mary Margaret Carlisle, and Ken Jones.
  • All people and polite pets are invited to attend. You may wish to reserve a seat in person at A Peaceful Pet for only $10.00. The proceeds go directly to PugHearts. Seating is very limited.
  • 10% of all pet supply purchases made during the event will be donated and the poets are also contributing some of their proceeds to PugHearts. And, as always, they will have provide refreshments.
  • PugHeart volunteers will be here to accept donations, talk about how you can get involved and accept applications for Pug adoptions. There will be many cute Pugs for you to meet that are looking for forever homes. For more info call 832-549-1730.
  • A donation of $1.00 per each bag of all four flavors of A Peaceful Pet brand treats wil be donated to PugHearts from now through the end of March 2011.

March 1- 20: RODEO REBATE on 19th Street
  • Your beloved 19th St merchants are in a rodeo frame of mind this month!
  • Bring in your Rodeo ticket stub and receive a discount on your purchase or service at participating businesses where you see this sign.
  • Support Local. Go Rodeo Houston!