Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Blockbuster Beauty

Since the day Blockbuster on Cavalcade at the five corners closed, everyone has been aflutter wondering what was going to go in to the space. The "For Lease" sign came down and work was seen in progress but no one could answer the question "What will it be?" 

Apparently, it will be the newest location for Sola Salons:
In 2004, Sola Salon Studios® was established with the opening of our first location. Now with over 200 desirable locations open nationwide, Sola Salon Studios® is proud to offer salon professionals the freedom and benefits of salon ownership without many of the risks associated with opening a traditional salon. Sola Salon Studios® is an innovative salon model in which experienced hairdressers, estheticians, nail stylists, massage therapists and other like-minded salon professionals come together under one roof to take their careers to the next level. To date, we have provided more than 5,000 professionals with premium, individual salon spaces in which they own and operate high-quality salons. If designing your own salon space, setting your own schedule and prices, and creating a larger profit margin with retail sales appeals to you, then follow your dreams with Sola – all for about the same price as renting a chair or booth (and maybe even less).   
We take pride in being the largest, fastest-growing salon studio business in the country. Join the Sola Salon Studios® community and experience a level of creative independence and career support you won’t find anywhere else.
So there it is. They have divided the building, built out a small space and a larger space, from what I could tell, and now have two front doors. Maybe Sola's concept will only be part of the complete build out? I guess we will just wait and see. According to a follower on FB, the whole building will be salons, possibly as many as 22 individual studios.

You can find out more about Sola Salon Studios on their website or Facebook page

What's also curious about Sola Salons going in to the old Blockbuster is the other new business opening in the strip just south of 20th. "Glam and Glow" at 1911 Studewood has paper over the windows and a sign promising blow outs, sunless tanning, and other beauty treatments. What they do not have is any on-line presence. It's like all of the sudden this part of the Heights is some kind of beauty vortex. It's interesting to me that these businesses turned up here, when the only other recent development in that area has been a dialysis center and beer (TownIn City brewery). 

Of course, if you drive around East Sunset Heights or even Monte Beach, you can see the rapid changes going on. Development has pushed quickly in to those neighborhoods, as original homes come down and townhouse, patio homes, and large single family homes replace them. It's still unusual to see these types of businesses be the trailblazers. Makes me wonder what will be next?