Monday, February 28, 2011

Lights In The Heights- Update

A long time Woodland Heights resident attended the Lights In The Heights meeting this weekend and was kind enough to provide me with an update to share with you. Now read up on what we might see in the future of one of the Heights' largest and best known events:

There was a solid turnout- roughly 50-60 people- at the meeting.

Basically, the City called the meeting out of budget concerns for the coming year. While WH pays a total of about $7500 in permits and security costs to stage the event, the City kicks in about $20k in police presence to man the barricade (for a 3 street event- less for 2 streets, but still a lot). The conventional wisdom says they won't be able to do that in 2011, though they did not come out and say that in the meeting (mayor's office rep was there).

There are LOTS of concerns from organizers and homeowners on the route. The consensus in the room was that things have gotten too big, too complicated, and that it is bordering on unsafe. There were incidents of drunken groping of at least one family's teenage daughter along the route. The biggest comparison now is to Mardi Gras, which is totally contrary to the family and neighborhood-oriented event Lights In The Heights has always been intended to be.

Potential changes discussed included:

- changing the date (and NOT publicizing it widely, cutting the crowds from other parts of the city)

- changing the day of the week to Sunday (more family-friendly, less likely to attract outsiders)

- changing the route to alternate in "quadrants" of the Woodland Heights to take the strain off the "main drags" each year and shift the parking burden

- eliminating the main soundstage and attractions on the Esplanade, eliminating vendors the neighborhood can't control and whose litter ends up on the streets

- changing the entertainment committee to eliminate Rock bands (cut noise, allow better participation of traditional performers with less amplification)

- skipping a year (2011) to allow better planning of a changed event for 2012. This could also cut traffic from outside the neighborhood

Basically, everyone in attendance had some major concerns about what happens next. While everyone continues to say "we love LITH", the actual number of volunteers stepping forward to work on producing the event has seriously declined in recent years. The same few residents keep doing it out of love, and many of them no longer love what it has become. WH residents DO want the event to continue, but the weight of it is not sustainable for this minority any longer. The poor guy who did the esplanade decorating this year sent out his request for volunteers to help do it, and he got ONE person - a teenager- who stepped up. ONE. Think about that. All of the committees have had about the same experience. Every single one of them.

The financial burden of producing it as-is without City participation is too great for the neighborhood to contemplate. So something has to change. Even if the City puts up half what it has in years past, it is not enough to do what we have done before. Anyone who has been on the route in the past year or 2 wants MORE police out there and not fewer.

Attendees also discussed having the police arrest people for drunk and disorderly conduct and underage drinking, which has not specifically been asked for before. Evidently there is no open container law to enforce outside of downtown, so the neighborhood can' t reasonably ban alcohol altogether, but if LITH organizers choose the enforcement route, it is going to put a greater burden on homeowners to enforce at their own parties, given the litigious nature of our society ("I was over-served, so I am suing you.").

Those were the discussions at the meeting as this person relayed them to me. They also added some personal comments as a long time resident who has, for many years, been on the route and worked as an organizer/volunteer. I think these comments are very important for everyone to read and really take to heart.

I can state confidently that change is coming, and it is going to take some time to figure out what that change is and how it will work. No one wants to eliminate the event- we all love it. But it cannot be the same as it has been.

SO, if you want to have input, and make constructive suggestions about how we can resolve issues around parking, security, family-friendliness and bearing the setup and cleanup burden more equitably, I am sure the WHCA would like to hear from you. More than that, PARTICIPATE by being on a committee and doing some work to help sustain the event. If you won't participate, why should anyone else?

I think we need to take a year off to plan for 2012. I think that those of you from inside the WH who have never paid dues, attended a Civic Association meeting or volunteered on a committee for LITH don't get any input. We've asked and begged for your help for long enough. If you won't contribute to the solution, you are just noise at this point.

To those of you from outside the Woodland Heights who love the event, please understand the crushing burden this has become on everyone who works on it. It is basically a year-round job, and it shouldn't be. It's not fair. And things have gotten so big that it is frighteningly unmanageable, especially from a security standpoint. We need to change this before something tragic happens. Homeowners along the route are now increasingly feeling that they have to pay for private security to keep their parties from being crashed or their homes from being burglarized if they leave the house to participate in the parties in their own neighborhood.

I am one of those people who loooves to attend LITH. I walk from Norhill, usually know someone having a party on or near the route. I love the hustle and bustle and the festivity of it all. I love people from all over the city coming to see how wonderful our neighborhood is.

BUT, I don't live on or near the route. I live many blocks north of LITH, yet there is still nowhere for my babysitter to park unless we make extra room in our driveway. We walk home, hoping that the people driving up Michaux are more sober than they probably are. It's quiet for my kids at 10 pm and they can sleep soundly. I don't have to wake up in the morning to a yard littered with empty beer cans and deal with messy, nasty port-o-poties on the corner when I go to walk my dog. I truly sympathize with the people who organize and live with the burden of my good time. I support whatever changes they need to make to make Lights In The Heights bearable and enjoyable, not just for my family, but for the people who have given so much of their own time and resources to make it happen for the rest of us.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lobby Austin for Houston's Schools

I received this via email and thought it was important to share.

‎"Every time you stop a school, you will have to build a jail. What you gain at one end you lose at the other. It's like feeding a dog on his own tail. It won't fatten the dog."
- Mark Twain 11/23/1900
Join concerned parents and citizens in Austin on March 14th, Legislative Lobbying Day, No Experience Needed, Transportation and Food Provided, No Cost.

MUST RSVP by March 1st - for the bus. Please spread the word.

Thank you all for your continued willingness to engage and help influence public education funding decisions that will impact every Houstonian. While many parents are learning about this situation others have invested time already by participating in the HISD Legislative Session, HISD budget meetings, and Sue Deigaards' meetings at Stella Link Library. Collectively, we have been raising awareness and working to build a strong, united voice for the benefit of HISD's 203,000 students and for our shared future. As part of this effort, I want to alert you to two significant upcoming events:

Saturday, March 12, noon -- 2:00 pm: Statewide Education Rally at the Texas Capitol in Austin, sponsored by Save Texas Schools. The rally is intended to draw media attention from across Texas to educational issues. You can learn more about this event at

Monday, March 14th, 7 am - 7 pm: Legislative Day at the Texas Capitol in Austin, organized by the Houston Federation of Teachers. HFT has invited parents to join them in meeting with as many state legislators as possible to discuss the state funding situation. During HISD's recent Legislative Training, Bill King (an HISD lobbyist) shared with Houston parents and community members the high impact and value that comes from parents and community members meeting with our legislators face to face. The goal of the trip on the 14th is to fill the halls of our Capitol with Houstonians to discuss funding concerns and solutions -- before our representatives become overscheduled during the pending session. The parent agenda will focus exclusively on the budget situation. We are collaborating on these messages with input from our HISD elected trustees and insight from HISD sponsored meetings. You will receive talking points on the bus ride to Austin.

There is no cost to participate in this lobbying trip to Austin other than your time. Transportation and lunch will be provided by the HFT and no experience is required. If you prefer to drive yourself or carpool you are welcome to do that. If you have never met with an elected official or have never been to the Capitol, no problem. (Please, note that childcare will not be provided and students are not permitted to ride the bus due to liability issues.)

Here is the tentative agenda:

7:00 am: Parents and teachers depart Houston in HFT chartered buses at the SIO Parking Lot located across from HISD's Hattie Mae White. Parents should wear casual comfortable clothes, especially shoes. On the bus, Sue Deigaard and others will provide Legislative training. Parents will receive an update about the budget bills, be provided with talking points and receive tips for meeting and interacting with legislators. There is no limit to the number of parents who participate. In fact, it would be great if you sign up bring a couple of friends along.

10:15 am: Arrive at the Capitol in Austin. You may also choose to drive or carpool. Details about our meeting location will be provided as information becomes available.

10:30 am: Parents will meet breifly with several HISD trustees in Austin. They will provide up to date information to ensure that we are as effective as possible.
11:00 am: Teachers and/or parent will be grouped into teams based on home addresses and they will be provided with a list of legislators to meet. You will walk to the legislators' offices meet with them and/or their staff. Specific details on how to do this will be provided on the bus. If you are only comfortable being present and not talking, there is a role for you here. The more parents present the more compelling the non-verbal message.

Noon: Box lunch at the Capitol courtesy of HFT and you will have a chance to visit further with other parents or teachers and chase down elected officials.

1:00 -- 3:45 pm: Continue visits to various legislators' offices.

4:00 pm: Board buses and depart Austin. Debriefings on bus ride home.

7:00 pm: Arrive at Hattie Mae White in Houston.

If you are just learning about this, have not taken any action regarding the state budget crisis or funding issues at HISD, or are fired up about what is happening then this is the trip for you.

RSVP by Tuesday, March 1st by emailing Sue Deigaard ( and include your name, home address, and phone number. This will enable the HFT logistics team to match up parent teams with teachers and legislators. All HISD parents/taxpayers are welcome and you do not have to be a member of any parent group to particpate. Feel free to forward this email invitation to any interested party.

According to HISD, here are key committees and players we need to be interested in:

Here are additional ways you can participate right now to make a difference...
*If you have not already sent a letter to your legislators or called them to express your views on this issue, please do so. I have included an attachment with the list of HISD schools and the elected officials responsible for the neighborhood.

*There is a sample letter that is available at You can also look up the name and contact information for your representatives in the Texas House of Representatives and Texas Senate at

*Watch the upcoming interactive "State of Budget" broadcast by HISD on February 21 at 6:30 p.m. to learn more about this issue, hear updates and ask questions. The live broadcast will be available on Comcast Channel 18, AT&T Channel 99 and on the HISD website.

*Attend the HISD legislative training on February 26 at 9 a.m. at the DeBakey High School for Health Professions (3100 Shenandoah, 77021) to learn how to effectively lobby your legislators.

Lastly, here is a recent article about the funding situation by HISD Trustee Moore.

In closing, we hope to see you in Austin along with many other Houston parents and teachers helping to educate our lawmakers about the impact this budget can have on our children and on our shared future.
Mary Nesbitt

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Heights Happenings: February 23- March 2, 2011

TODAY, 10 AM- 7 PM: Whole Foods Community Giving Day
  • Whole Foods Market Houston is hosting a Community Giving Day Empty Bowls Houston, which benefits Houston Food Bank. Whole Foods Market will donate 5% of the day’s net sales at its 4 Houston-area locations: 2955 Kirby Dr.; 4004 Bellaire Blvd.; 6401 Woodway Dr.; and 11145 Westheimer. Houstonians are encouraged to shop today to fight hunger in Houston!
  • Empty Bowls Houston committee members and local artists will demonstrate their crafts at the participating Houston stores and sell advance tickets to the 7th annual Empty Bowls Houston, to be held Saturday, March 19.
  • Empty Bowls is an international effort to fight hunger event which brings together local artists and craftspeople to help fight hunger in Houston benefitting the Houston Food Bank. For a minimum $25 donation, attendees receive a simple lunch of soup, bread and water provided by Whole Foods Market, then select a bowl from hundreds of one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted bowls donated by Houston- area ceramists and craft artists. The empty bowls serve as a reminder of all the empty bowls in our community and the world. (
Thursday, February 24, 6PM- 7:30 PM: Style 101: Spring Fashions primer at Contents

  • 6-6:30 will be a brief seminar on upcoming Spring trends. 6:30-7:30 will be open for shopping and sipping wine. Plus, everything that is regular priced is 25% off only during the event.
  • If you spend $100 you will receive a $50 gift certificate to use on your next visit.
  • RSVP by calling Contents at 713-880-1515
  • 249 W 19th

Friday, February 25, 2011,5:30 PM - 10:30 PM: Heights Art Studios and Gallery (Has-G) Grand Opening
  • Join Has-G for their grand opening reception at their new location- 214 E 27th St (across from the old Alamo Elementary School)
  • Wine and refreshments, plus works from 12 artists including Alexandra Quevedo, Jesus Galvan, Gini Bailey, Stuart Jago, Wadih Rhondali, Nathalia Savelyeva, Tanya Langford, Marilene Filbet, Norberto Clemente, Svetlana Dinsmore, Catarina Williams and Hans Payan Geler. Special presentation of photographer Mark Spencer's new work: 'Erotica.'
  • Artists: Visit them for a showing of the art studios for lease. Call for an appointment or more information at: 713-894-4480, or send an email to
Saturday, February 26, 10 AM- 12 PM: Get Ready for Spring at Buchanan's Native Plants
  • 10AM: Start with the Soil- John Gardner gets down and dirty giving you the basics of soil preparation for a successful garden.
  • 11AM: Go Native! After John lays the groundwork, Jamie Mihalcik will discuss the benefits of using native plants and introduce you to natives perfect for your own garden.

Sunday, February 27, 12 PM - 4 PM: Heights Beatniks Silk Screen Printing Class
  • The shop's monthly featured artist, Diedra Lizcano, will be collaborating with Lizbeth Ortiz to introduce you to silk screen printing.
  • T-shirts and handkerchiefs will be available for purchase and include one free silk screen image. Otherwise feel free to bring your own item(s) and pay $5 per silk screen image.
  • Don't miss out on the fun and the chance to try something new and leave with a beautiful souvenir (for yourself or a gift for a friend). WARNING: One of my lovely friends in Austin took a silk screening class. Now she is addicted. No holiday rolls by without some new item coming for me or the boys. You may take this class and find yourself an addict as well. Crafting is like that!
  • 709 E 11th (yellow house next to Zelko)


Saturday, March 5, 11 AM- 4 PM: Annual Heights Crawfish Boil
  • The Heights Chamber of Commerce sponsors this yearly event and promises 2011's to be the biggest and best year ever.
  • They are pre-selling crawfish plate tickets this year at a discounted price of $15 each, or $20 at the event. Purchase your crawfish plate tickets early by visiting the webpage and completing the form, calling the Chamber at 713-861-6735 or emailing them at Tickets bought in advance (prior to 5:00 PM Thurs, March 3 on-line, or Fri, March 4 12:00 PM via phone or email) will be available at the will-call booth at the Annual Crawfish Festival.
  • They will also have sausage on a stick and BBQ sandwiches for those who don't eat crawfish (Like me. I know, I know). There will be tons of family-geared activities as well, like face painting, bounce houses, petting zoo and more.
  • Sterling Bank parking lot on 19th Street
  • The festival coincides with Heights First Saturday so the crowds will be ready to shop. Do you want a vendor booth? Please contact the Chamber today by or calling 713-861-6735.

Tuesday, April 12, 6 PM - 10PM: Houston Press Annual food and wine extravaganza at Spring Street Studios
  • Mark your calendars and watch the Facebook page for ticket sales!
  • The event will showcase the various culinary talents of our city, complete with food sampling from over 30 area restaurants alongside wine, beer and spirit sampling. Tickets on sale soon! Guests must be 21+, with a valid I.D. A portion of the proceeds will benefit The Center for Hearing and Speech.
  • 1824 Spring Street


Time is almost gone to support Child Advocates by visiting these local automotive locations. During (what's left of) February, make a $30 donation to Child Advocates and receive a certificate for two free oil changes.

Master Car Care
2305 Yale Street
Houston, TX 77008

Yale Automotive
2510 Yale Street
Houston, TX 77008

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Heights Happenings: February 16- February 23, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 7 PM & Sunday, February 20, 4 PM: 14 Pews presents Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child
  • "In his short career, Jean-Michel Basquiat was a phenomenon. He became notorious for his graffiti art under the moniker Samo in the late 1970s on the Lower East Side scene, sold his first painting to Deborah Harry for $200, and became best friends with Andy Warhol. Appreciated by both the art cognoscenti and the public, Basquiat was launched into international stardom. However, soon his cult status began to override the art that had made him famous in the first place."
  • $8
  • 800 Aurora St (Sunset Heights)
Sunday, February 20, 2 PM: Houston Heights Association hosts it's 1st Fire Station Family Concert, featuring John Flynn
  • Limited to 100 people. Reservations are first come, first serve. Payment will be taken at the door.
  • Members of HHA: $10 for adults, free for children. Nonmembers: $15 for adults, $5 for children.
  • To claim your spot, email Lindsey Lee
  • 107 W. 12th at Yale


Thursday, February 15, 6 PM- 9 PM: BikeHouston Membership drive kick off happy hour
  • Have some drinks at Firkin and Phoenix (1915 Westheimer) and support one of Houston's biggest biking advocacy groups.
  • Memberships are available on line or at the event. A portion of drink sales from the event will also go to the group.
  • Special membership drive price of $5 to join and help improve our bikeways in Houston.
Saturday, February 19, 1 PM- 5 PM: BAMM Collective Art Show


Saturday and Sunday, March 26-27, 1- 6 PM: Woodland Heights Home Tour
  • The Woodland Heights neighborhood is showcasing an "eclectic mix" of historic homes for the 2011 home tour.
  • Tickets are $15, available on line now, or at local merchants starting March 1.
  • There are also "Preview tickets" available for $75 on line ($85 at the door, if there are any left). Preview is Friday, March 25, from 5 PM- 7:30 PM, ending with a private party at one of the residences. Food and wine will be served at each stop, plus the after party of course. This is a unique opportunity to see the homes at your leisure, with no line, and drink while doing it!
  • You can also "like" the home tour on their Facebook page.

Redistricting is happening! Full website with complete info


The City of Houston Charter requires that the City Council expand to eleven single-member districts at such point that census data demonstrates that the City’s population exceeds 2.1 million residents. With the much anticipated release of the 2010 US Census, we will begin the process of redistricting in order to add those Districts. The City is interested in hearing from you and your neighborhood regarding your suggestions for the configuration of the new council districts.

There are several points at which you may submit information for the process:

  • through email, US postal service, or delivery. All comments should be directed to Margaret Wallace, City of Houston Planning & Development Department, 611 Walker, 6th Floor, Houston, Texas 77002,
  • at any of the ten town hall meetings scheduled across the Houston community during the month of March. While each meeting location was chosen and is sponsored by the respective Council Member, the meetings will address redistricting on a city-wide basis. Individuals may attend and comment at any convenient meeting, regardless of its location.
  • at any of the three public hearings that will be held in City Council Chambers on the 2nd floor of City Hall, 901 Bagby Street. These are scheduled for Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at 9:00 a.m. and Wednesday, April 20, 2011 at 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Heights Snapshot: The Call of Duty

Thursday, February 10, 2011

9:00 AM

HFD Firestation 15
5306 N Main

Let me just start by saying as I type this, it's a gorgeous day. The past 3 days have been amazing and today is going to be at least 8 degrees warmer than the average temp for mid February. It's patio weather, to be sure!

However, that was not the case last Thursday as Andy Eckert (left) and Adam Marley were washing their engine at Station 15. Not yet above freezing that morning, it was hard for me to just stand and chat with these guys. Both were upbeat, though. Considering what they see and do in the line of duty every day, I'm sure truck washing is a welcome respite. Plus, it was Andy's 1st day on the job! Apparently, every "first" for a rookie includes a treat afterward. Post- truck washing, cookies and ice cream were waiting in the station.

Me: Wow, so on your 1st day they've got you outside in the freezing cold with a water hose, washing stuff. Life as a rookie?

Andy: Well, the Academy is pretty thorough. I washed a lot of stuff during my training there, too.

Adam: Ha- I've been here 3 years and I'm still washing trucks. What does that say?

As I hopped back in to my car, I wished them a "quiet, boring day." They laughed and gave me a wave. Great guys with a tough, tough job. I think we can all appreciate them being so close and so ready and willing to help when needed.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Heights Happenings: Feb 9- Feb 16, 2011

Thursday, Feb 10, 10 AM- 11:30 AM: Valentine Card workshop a Write Now!
  • Write Now is hosting a Mothers' Day Out Card-making Workshop: Come make two types of hand-made Valentine cards with Sherry!
  • The class starts at 10:15; there is space for 10 participants so please RSVP to Shanna at 281-888-6569
  • The $15 cost covers ALL your materials.

Friday, Feb 11, 2011, 6 PM- 8:30 PM: Heights Beatniks opening for Diedra Lizcano
  • Diedra Lizcano is the shop's featured artist for February and, so, they will be hosting an art opening to celebrate.
  • Diedra's art has recently been exhibited at the East End Studio Gallery. You can see samples of her work on her website
  • They'll have wine along with some light snacks and will be showcasing Valentine's Day goodies. As always, BYOB is welcome.
  • During this event the store will also have a raffle for a chance to win a private introductory dance lesson for you and your sweetie with teacher Chad Cegielski!


Saturday, February 11, 10 AM- 1 PM: Basic Book Binding- Leather journal class at Texas Art Asylum
  • The perfect book for recording your thoughts, experiences, idea
    • sketches -- whatever you need to get down on paper. The leather-bound
    • journal has 50 pages stitched into a leather binding with a self-closure to
    • protect the pages. This is an excellent project for journaling, keeping
    • notes, sketching, etc.


Have you heard of Better Block Houston?

  • Better Block projects are temporary installations of Complete Streets that demonstrate how easy & effective it is to cater to all users while increasing safety, connectivity, walkability and economic activity. Some of the group's goals include promoting active transportation and sustainable communities for all people, creating dialogue among groups that may not typically talk to each other, and catalyzing changes in Houston's planning and development culture. They believe the community can do all this by making Complete Street possibilities tangible for a day!
  • Better Block volunteers voted to select the 1400 block of Holman in Midtown for Houston's first Better Block event. The official host is the Community Artists' Collective!
  • The event will be Saturday, April 9, 2011, intended to coordinate with and support Midtown's Art in the Park event in Baldwin Park, just a few blocks north on La Branch at Elgin. Between student pedestrians, a bike route, several bus routes, and proximity to METRO light rail, the organization recognizes this block is already a busy transportation node and is imagining what's possible if they put more of the right amenities in place and make this a Better Block!
  • There are planning meetings coming up for Marketing and Site Design. Currently Facebook remains the easiest place to get the most-current information on Better Block Houston. If you use Facebook and are interested in keeping up with the project, "like" the Better Block Houston page
Also, The Corkscrew is plotting its return and looking for sort of grassroots investors.
  • Remember The Corkscrew on Washington? Well, the owners are trying to re-open but in the more subdued Heights, rather than the raucous Washington Corridor. Apparently, they have a location picked out and claim to have the know-how. What they want to launch are many small investors who will help them open by joining a club of sorts. This is from an email I received, kind of sort of outlining what you get as an "investor":
  • "How would you like to be part of the next chapter of The Corkscrew? We are currently accepting inquiries from interested parties for partnership to join The Corkscrew team. This is very unorthodox and highly unusual, but it I believe that there are enough Corkscrew fans out there that would not mind the idea of the bar making a return.The investment would be small and the benefits would be enormous. Entry into bigger larger WINEAPALOOZAS ,wine discounts, party room preference bookings, back/foot rubs ,but not like gross feet ok? You get a ton of stuff to go with the partnership for a small investment. What's not to like? Nada, it's impossible not to like. All inquiries will be kept confidential, obviously. Respond to and we will go from there."
  • I am very curious to see how this all pans out. ^There's the email address if you're interested!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Heights Happenings: Feb 2- Feb 9, 2010

Saturday, February 5, 11 AM- 6 PM: 1st Saturday Arts Market is back!
  • After taking a month off to regroup, the Heights only regularly scheduled outdoor art market is back. First Saturday Arts Market begins its seventh year with three dozens artists, two food trucks, two bands and three non-profits represented.
  • For more information and a complete roster of participating artists, visit the market's website,

Saturday, February 5, 8 AM- 4:30 PM: Happy Belly Studios Grand Opening
  • To celebrate their grand opening, Happy Belly is offering free yoga classes all day long. If you would like to attend, please email Michelle
  • In February, the studio will also be offering $20 for unlimited mat yoga and mat pilates classes
  • 900 Studemont, Suite 400
Saturday, February 5, 6 PM: G Gallery opening for Quick Draw, featuring art by J Todd Allison and the music of Morgan Sorne
  • For more information on the artists and their work, visit GGallery's Quick Draw show page
  • The opening will include a special appearance by artist Zainab Shipchandler, who will be doing Henna at the gallery.
  • Show runs Feb 5-28 at the Gallery, located at 301 E 11th

That sweet little shop on Studewood, Hello, Lucky has extended their hours to make it even easier for you to buy handcrafted, local, and reclaimed.
  • Wednesday and Thursday 11 - 5; Friday and Saturday 11 - 6; Sunday Noon- 5
  • Currently displaying new work by Lisa Marie Godfrey, Melissa Juvan, Jennie Nuttall, and Frances Trotter, plus new jewelry by Frilled & Feathered

Own a bike? Then please consider becoming a member of BikeHouston. You can check out their website at or follow them on Facebook.

  • BikeHouston is an advocacy group that works on improving biking conditions throughout the city, as well as educating adults and kids about biking. They are the reason Metro now has bike racks on buses (this took 3 years of hard work to achieve).
  • The group has just elected a new Board and they are eager for people to join. Normally membership dies are $35 for the year, but for a short time they are offering $5 memberships (tax deductible).
  • You can go directly to their website and join -


The Watson Gallery in Montrose is having a Valentine's show on Thursday, February 10, 6 -10 PM. While great artists like Chloe Stewart, Michelle Huff, Paris Holt, Susan Freeman, Jimmy Phillips, and Jon Garner have already signed on, the Gallery still has room for additional artists.
  • If you would like to show your work, please contact Michelle:, or 585-737-9524.
  • Entry fee is 3pc for $30, 4ftX9ft $40, 6ftX9ft for $60 or the main hall spots at 8ftx8ft for $80, Artists make 100% commission on all sales even on credit cards.