Monday, June 23, 2014

Seeing More Red: A quick look at the completed Red Dessert Dive on Studewood

As we all wait with bated breath for Red Dessert Dive on Studewood to actually open, here is a further look at the 961 sq ft bakery and coffee/wine bar. For background on Red read
my post from April- Sneak Peek: Red Dessert Dive

Here is the light fixture which inspired the interior design of the whole space. It hangs in front of the southern window and adds a lot of visual interest to a decidedly clean and organized space.

Coffee bar is ready to go. Staying true to her desire to be local, shop owner Jessica Lusk is using coffee products from Boomtown Coffee on 19th Street.

I love the view from a good window seat. Not everyone thinks Studewood is a view, but I adore living in the city and that means passing cars.

The night we crashed her party popped in, Lusk had invited a few friends and family to come by. The menu was limited but we were treated to samples of beer bread, cookies, and this dreamy thing: A kolache filled with bacon and cream cheese. I hate to admit that I went back for seconds and could have probably had a third. I hope these are regular menu items!

This blondie was also to die for. I don't even know what was in it other than a taste of heaven. My husband, who was born without much of a sweet tooth, enjoyed it immensely.

Giant jars of cookies that are a step above everyday seem to really exemplify what Red Dessert Dive will be- a comfortable, local spot that is just the other side of ordinary. 

I look forward to their opening in the next couple of weeks and will be sure to step across this threshold often!