Friday, April 16, 2010

Squashing a Rumor

I was having lunch with a friend here in the Heights a couple weeks ago and she casually dropped a bomb on me: Behind The Garden Gate was gone. For the casual 19th Street shopper, this might not mean a lot but Felix is one of my favorite people to visit. I also think he has a kind of unique niche with his handmade preserved flower arrangements. I was in a state of disbelief and had to get to the bottom of how and why.

To get to answers, I dropped by the old space that Felix used to share with CODA to visit with Frank, another of my favorite Heights merchants. Sure enough, Felix was not there. Luckily, Frank was and he was the bearer of good news: Felix was gone from this space, but not from 19th Street.

The view of 19th Street from the window of Behind The Garden Gate's new location

Behind the Garden Gate has continued the recent trend of space shuffling on 19th, moving down near Gen's Antiques. The space is smaller. Rumor has it that was what Felix wanted- to be able to downsize just a little bit. He wasn't there the day I went in, so I haven't had a chance to get the story from the horse's mouth. It's a great little spot, though- cozy, warm, and packed full of special pieces. He is still carrying candles and some books. It's the same store, just more intimate. If you blink you might miss the new store front, so make a point to look for it! (Address pending since I neglected to write it down and google only turns up the CODA address. Roughly 238, which is the address for bespokebyGJCD.

A table top arrangement

Preserved flowers for the wall

Beeswax candles

As far as the old space, Frank and CODA have exploded in to it. He has super expanded the selection of gift items and added all kinds of housewares. The merchandise is as eclectic as the Heights itself. Modern, traditional, country, funky. No matter what you like or who you're buying for, there is something here for you.

A hugely expanded selection of candles, lotions and other products from Tyler, TX's own Tyler Candle Company

Expanded home accessories collections for every taste

A little bit of whimsy never hurts

Overall, these changes represent more good for the Heights and 19th Street. Our store fronts are staying full and merchants are doing what they need to do to stay focused, stay happy and stay in business. Remember that our small business owners do so much for this neighborhood and they need our support. Support local, grow together!

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