Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Supplemental: Apex Auction, May 12

Just wanted to post a little reminder of an upcoming event... Hope you're all having a great weekend!

Monday, May 12, 6:30 pm- 9:30 pm: Apex Scholarship fundraiser
  • Aryn Romero, 18, has been taking Taekwondo from Master Portal at Apex Taekwondo in Oak Forest/Garden Oaks for a year. Aryn happens to have Down’s Syndrome. Master Portal at Apex has been “amazing with Aryn and has included her in a typical taekwondo class learning the same things every other student at Apex learns,” says her mother, Kristin.  Aryn has participated in two tournaments and has earned several medals for sparring, board breaking and forms.  Kristin believes Master Portal has a “special ability to reinforce each student’s strengths, while patiently improving their weaknesses.”  It has an amazing experience for their family and everyone involved. Due to the overwhelmingly positive experience this has been for Aryn and her family, Kristin and Master Portal have created a 501(c)(3) to provide taekwondo scholarships children with Down's Syndrome, and economically disadvantaged children.  Their goal this first year is to give out as many as 12 scholarships for children from these two groups, allowing them to have the enriching experience of Taekwondo without the tuition fees.
  • “The program at Apex Taekwondo is designed to provide a positive outlet for students to gain confidence, commitment and determination, as well as expose students to an active lifestyle through individual competition as well as teamwork. Taekwondo is more than kicking and punching.  It is a place where students who otherwise feel isolated by disability or lack of financial resources can make friends while receiving appropriate training and coaching to help develop physically and mentally to perform their best in the sport and in all aspects of life.”
  • Kristin would like to build this program to “define our children by their abilities, not disability.”
  • Please support this new venture and enjoy music, food, drinks and great auction items.  You can meet the instructors and other students in the program. 
  • That Pizza Place
  • 3322 Ella Blvd., Houston, TX 77018
  • Please contact Master Portal at (713) 290-1911, Kristin Nielsen at (713) 822-5161 or email if you are interested in helping, donating or finding out more about a scholarship for your child.

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