Monday, May 18, 2009

Sew Crafty Is So Neat

Who knew that contributing to The Heights Life would introduce me to people I want to invite over for dinner parties?

[Enter stage left] Sarah Gabbart, the owner of Sew Crafty, a crafting studio and sewing lounge on 11th Street.

At 28-years old, Sarah is already comfortable following her passions and taking risks. She says, "I'm young; this is the time to fall flat on my face. If it doesn't work, I'll go back and find a job."

Sarah grew up in Sugarland and started sewing and crafting when she was 11 years old, thanks to the tutelage of her grandmother and her mother who is "The Queen of the Hot Glue Gun." Sarah's early projects included "floral wreathy things" that she bestowed upon gracious neighbors.

She started fashion design school in New York but quickly realized she like the sewing part the most. She then enrolled at the University of St. Thomas and studied communications while she figured out how to pursue her crafting passions.

She waited for Houston to open a crafting studio and sewing lounge (like ones in New York, Denver, and Chicago). When it wasn't happening, she decided to start her own right near her house on Oxford Street.

Luckily, one of her favorite things to do in the neighborhood is to stroll (with her pug in tow), and she happened to pass by the State Farm Agency on White Oak the day it was put on the rental market. She quickly staked her claim and started to move in the craft tables and sewing machines.

Now she runs an amazing craft studio and sewing lounge that offers a little bit of something for everyone. Sew Crafty offers:
  • Classes in sewing (beginner to advanced), knitting (beginner/intermediate) and Crochet

  • Workshops in everything from Gocco printing to quick-and-easy DIY projects to repurposing T-Shirts – each time something new is featured

  • Special events, like the monthly Crafty Cocktails – an evening of craftacular sophistication and socializing

  • Crafting for a Cause – your chance to give back to those in need and take a free class to boot!

  • A sewing lounge where you can use the machines, supplies and cutting tables to work on your projects

  • A well-edited selection of patterns, craft kits, notions, fabrics, yarn and handmade gifts

  • Private parties for your girls night out, baby and bridal showers, and kids parties
Sarah says that a range of people attend the classes, including husbands who are dragged in by their wives and husbands who want to surprise their wives with something handmade. Also, different skill levels (from guru to first-time crafter) can find their niche.

The economic downturn has actually brought more business to Sew Crafty. People are interested in learning new skills to help make them be more self-sufficient. They want to learn "lifelong skills that are fun."

In her spare time, Sarah likes to bake cupcakes and has recently started cooking vegetarian food. She also likes to "upcycle" materials, like transforming men's shirts into cute dresses. She lives with her husband--a jazz instructor at the University of Houston and the trombone player for The Suspects--in a 1924 bungalow.

Her positive energy is contagious. By the end of the interview, I was asking, "May I take some photos and be your friend?" I'm eager to sign up for a class and get my crafting on.

Have any of you taken classes at Sew Crafty? How was your experience?


  1. Very cool! I will have to check it out.

  2. Awesome!! Thank you so much for coming out Sara - I am so glad that I am getting to know you better and getting to know the Heights better through this awesome blog!

  3. I tried to take a beginner class in November of last year, however, the classes were full. I left a message regarding future classes and received a very friendly return phone call from Sarah. This post has reminded me to check the schedule and enroll!

  4. Me and a friend took a basic sewing class and LOVED it, and I'm not even into sewing! Sarah is an awesome instructor and the place is super fun. I recommend it for a girls fun day/night out.

  5. Hello, Loved what I read on this blog because I've started a sewing studio in my hometown in CA. The hardest for me is getting the word out and getting the people in...once in I can't shake them loose, so mostly I go on word of mouth and it has worked for 4 years but now I'm in a bigger space and have additional assistants so I can take on more makers. How do you spread the word? Linda at Sew Crafty Workshops in Gleondora CA