Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Heights Snapshot: Middle Earth in the middle of the Heights

Thursday, May 27

Roughly 8 AM

Norhill at Bayland

WARNING: I may hereby be exposing myself as a huge dork.

I was walking with my kids, actually taking the Big Boy to school, one morning bobbing and weaving through Woodland Heights. All of the sudden, Big Boy says "What's that, Mommy?" And when I looked up and saw the large tree with a carved face and hair made of chains, I naturally said "It's an Ent." Being 3, he had no idea what I was talking about and when I tried to explain what an Ent was rather than what the tree on the corner was, he corrected me. "Trees don't walk or talk, Mommy. That's silly. What is that on the tree?" I gave in and told him "Someone carved a face out of wood and put it on the tree to make it art." He accepted that explanation and I could only think "So much for the great imagination of children..."


  1. Patti posted this interesting fact on The Heights Life's Facebook page:

    This tree guy came with beads on string for hair. Squirrrels had such a great time playing with them, they literally pulled all the hair down and the owner had to switch to chain hair. I like seeing him everytime I drive around the esplanade.

  2. We saw a pic of this in 002 Houston Magazine. I googled "tree with face heights houston" and your blog came up. thanks fro listing the intersection. I was able to google the directions. You lead us rigth to it. Thanks!

    Carl and Andi, visiting from Austin.

  3. Carl, Glad to be of service. Your comment made me realize maybe I should link to a map when I do these kinds of posts! Hope you are enjoying your stay in H-town.