Sunday, June 20, 2010

Story Time with Katherine Center

As you already know, I was fortunate enough to be on the planning side of a great little event that happened last Thursday, June 17. Houston author Katherine Center came back to the Heights, the setting of her first novel, to mingle and tell us a bit about the journey from being a 6th grader writing novels about Duran Duran to being a published author with a movie optioned.

When Katherine and I 1st started talking about her coming to the neighborhood for some kind of event, we discussed maybe getting a room at the Heights Library. There was one little problem with that: I wanted wine. It didn't take much more brainstorming for Margarete and The Artful Corner to come to mind. When I spoke with her a couple months ago, Margarete mentioned past events at the gallery and I thought it would really be the perfect venue for this event- bright, fun, intimate and there could definitely be wine. I also hoped to bring some more people in to The Artful Corner, benefitting one of my favorite local businesses as well.
While I like to use Heights based vendors, I went for simplicity by ordering a cheese platter and dessert platter from Whole Foods.
Margarete was happy to host and we set about planning. It wasn't hard- picked a date, talked about what would be served and I reached out via this blog and Heights Kids Group to see who wanted to attend. And then it happened. It was an awesome night and the crowd was perfect. There were several cancellations at the last minute. We understand. That's what happens when husbands have to work late and kids get sick and life happens. Oh, and then there was my good friend who has major pregnancy brain and forgot all about it until she was in her PJs and happened to see my Facebook status... But despite the cancellations, the crowd was a great size. Everyone had plenty to eat and drink and it was all front row seating for Katherine's talk.

Baby Ruby seemed to really enjoy her 1st "meet the author" event.
She was quiet as a mouse and cute as button the whole night.

It was all smiles as Katherine spoke

Katherine talks like she writes. If you've ever read her books you can easily imagine the delightful time we had listening to her tell her story. I won't tell any more than what I already have (Yes, it really started with Duran Duran) because you should see her in person some other time and hear it yourself. She is truly entertaining. Witty, funny. Animated. Katherine is one of the few people I've seen in my life who uses her hands to talk more than I do!

After telling us about parties in New York, readings in LA and other things that made me want to be a published writer, Katherine entertained our questions and comments. Then it was almost 9 o'clock and time to head out. We bought books and had them signed, got our pictures taken and said good night. It was like leaving a good friend's house from a dinner party. I couldn't have asked for more than that. For Katherine, she sold all her books. For Margarete, 15 new customers were brought in since only one person who attended had ever been in the store before. I hope they count the night as a success as well!

The guest of honor and our gracious hostess

Katherine, It was a great pleasure meeting you and good luck finishing up your next book (already in progress, folks). I hope we can do this again! ~Viula

There are also more pictures to peruse in the album on The Heights Life's Facebook page

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