Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Heights Happenings: July 7- July 14, 2010

New event just added:

Saturday, July 10, 6-9 PM: KAXM Gallery Grand Opening Recpetion

  • 1135 E. 11th Street
  • "KAXM (pronounced cacksim) will feature 9 of Houston’s finest emerging and established artists who work with abstract, realism, photography, and mixed media. Artists include Sarah Whatley, Levi Rosen, Melinda Patrick, Raul Gonzalez, Anat Ronen, Dennis Jones, Linda Baker-Hardy, Charles Rosen, and Lynn Chatman. Custom jewelry by Monique Weston and Nan Stombaugh will also be on display."
  • Music by Shrinivas Komoundori of Komoundori Sitar.
  • Food and drinks
  • RSVP or get more info on the Facebook event page

Another slow events week but another interesting project by great Heights residents (Press release):

Ars Lyrica Houston, an early music ensemble that plays on authentic historical instruments, is proud to bring a series of educational outreach programs to Houston’s public and private schools this September.

"One of our primary educational goals is to reach out to young people who would otherwise seldom
 encounter live classical music," says Artistic Director and Heights Resident Matthew Dirst. “We realize the funding for arts
 programs has been dramatically cut in recent years, and we hope that our presentations will help to fill the gap and enrich schools’ arts curricula," adds Executive Director and neighborKinga Ferguson.
To make early music in particular engaging and accessible to children, the organization has developed two distinct educational outreach programs, one for K-5 students and the other for middle 
through high school students. "Harp History" features harps 
from the Middle Ages through the Baroque and is specifically
 designed for K-5 students, to address and enhance the
 requirements of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills 
standards; while "Songs from the Heart" features vocal music
 from the late Renaissance and early Baroque periods and is 
designed for middle through high school students, as an 
introduction both to early vocal styles and period

Renowned historical harpist Becky Baxter will serve as both 
primary artist and program coordinator for "Harp History."
 Working closely with classroom teachers, Ms. Baxter will
 incorporate a series of historic harp presentations into the
 music curriculum at the elementary school level in the
 Houston Public Schools. These presentations are interactive
 in nature: the children participate by touching the harps 
and asking questions as well as answering questions asked by
 the artist about their observations of the harps. Familiar
 music examples are used as well as examples of earlier
 repertoire. Key to this program are basic musical and
 acoustic concepts: tone, shape, pitch, vibration, resonance 
and echo are all demonstrated with the active participation
 of children (by having them lay their hands flat on the
 wooden body and frame of the harp, for example).

Ars Lyrica’s vocal soloists bring a wealth of performance 
and outreach experience to "Songs from the Heart," a program
 designed to introduce middle and high school students to 
early vocal literature and period instruments. Designed to 
give students with some musical experience a better 
understanding of the history of song, this program features 
solo vocal works in various languages and styles,
 accompanied by period harps and lutes, and includes 
demonstrations of various special techniques, including 
embellishment and dramatic inflection. Individual coachings
 of selected student soloists, in those schools that offer
 private vocal instruction, make this program interactive and
 give students the opportunity to improve both their skills 
with and knowledge about early music, with the help of 
seasoned professionals.

School principals, music program
directors or PTA volunteers who are interested in 
bringing outreach programs to their schools should contact:
Kinga Ferguson, Ars Lyrica Executive Director at
or 281.636.4951.


Saturday, July 17, 4 PM: Poetry Reading at Heights Books- Libros
Poetry Reading 7-17-10.jpg

Tuesday, August 3, 6:30- 8:30 PM:Public Meetings on Police Related Issues

Houston City Council's Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee invites you to a public meeting on police related issues.

  • West End Service Center, Auditorim 305, 170 Heights Boulevard
  • 713.866.4325
  • For more information, please contact Council Member Melissa Noriega, Chair of the Committee, at atlarge3@houstontx.gov or call the At-Large 3 council office at 832.393.3005 and ask forMichaela Bernacchio.

  • Topics of discussion will include: Administrative Review Committee, Citizens Review Committee,Community Policing, Use of Force, Discipline Process, Internal Affairs Division, Mediation Program, Police Advisory Committee

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