Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Heights Snapshot: The Call of Duty

Thursday, February 10, 2011

9:00 AM

HFD Firestation 15
5306 N Main

Let me just start by saying as I type this, it's a gorgeous day. The past 3 days have been amazing and today is going to be at least 8 degrees warmer than the average temp for mid February. It's patio weather, to be sure!

However, that was not the case last Thursday as Andy Eckert (left) and Adam Marley were washing their engine at Station 15. Not yet above freezing that morning, it was hard for me to just stand and chat with these guys. Both were upbeat, though. Considering what they see and do in the line of duty every day, I'm sure truck washing is a welcome respite. Plus, it was Andy's 1st day on the job! Apparently, every "first" for a rookie includes a treat afterward. Post- truck washing, cookies and ice cream were waiting in the station.

Me: Wow, so on your 1st day they've got you outside in the freezing cold with a water hose, washing stuff. Life as a rookie?

Andy: Well, the Academy is pretty thorough. I washed a lot of stuff during my training there, too.

Adam: Ha- I've been here 3 years and I'm still washing trucks. What does that say?

As I hopped back in to my car, I wished them a "quiet, boring day." They laughed and gave me a wave. Great guys with a tough, tough job. I think we can all appreciate them being so close and so ready and willing to help when needed.

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  1. We have a Mayor and at least one city council women that are not Houston Fire Dept.friendly. They do a wonderful job and I really appreciate them.