Friday, June 14, 2013

Last Minute Local Shopper: Father's Day

Yesterday, I tootled around the neighborhood looking for Father's Day presents. I found a wealth of fun gift options, even if I didn't seem to find just the right thing for my boys' dad. Now it's Friday and I have nothing. If you're in the same boat as me, here are some of the great ideas I found in the Heights. Maybe this procrastinator can make it a little easier for the others last minute shoppers out there...

For information on availability and pricing, give the stores a call. Your local business owners are always happy to help! 
(and please forgive the crappy formatting as Blogger is being even more annoying than usual, sending text for no known reason outside of the frame)

Casa Ramirez
241 W 19th St 
(713) 880-2420

Sometimes I forget that Casa Ramirez has so much more than just cool 

Dio De Los Muertos stuff.
These great guayabera shirts come in a bunch of light, tropical colors 

and there was a good assortment of sizes.

Or how about father/son shirts for extra fun? Kids sizes I saw started at 2t.

Also, everyone loves Dad as "King of the Grill." 
Casa Ramirez has an amazing selection of books, including cookbooks of all kinds.

Bliss on 19th
235 W 19th St 
(832) 673-0099

My husband had once mentioned wanting a bowl for his work desk 
to keep some pieces of fresh fruit in.
While this key bowl isn't food safe for that purpose, 
it is a great size for mail or other junk dads probably keep on their desks.

I bought one of these for my husband last year. 
It's a diffuser but without "all those sticks coming out" that he didn't want. 
Also, spill proof so safe for use around his work computer and paperwork.

Desk/mantle clocks are always a good gift if you're looking for more of a keepsake.

Grace Hart and Company
313 W 19th St

almost feel bad sending anyone in here. 
I can literally lose hours of my life in this expansive store full of
things you don't need but feel compelled to own anyway. 
I loved these vintage card glasses!

There is one seller in GH who carries sports memorabilia and had this cool rack of old comic books. Great stuff if Dad is a "collector."

Does Dad dig Mad Men style? 
This 2 piece mid-century corner table was only $145. 
With MCM being so on trend, it's hard to find pieces at affordable prices any more!

331 W 19th St
(713) 868-5050

Known mostly as a frame shop, Dramatika is always worth a peek when gift shopping.
They carry some nice greeting cards, fancy papers, some framed art, 

and little gift items like these.

Eclectic Home
345 W 19th St
(713) 869-1414

This masculine and surprisingly sturdy table at Eclectic Home 
would look great in the corner of a man cave or office.
It doesn't come cheap, though. This would have to be a pretty special year!

If you're looking to spend less than a high end occasional table costs, there are these super cool sand art pieces. There is a variety of sizes and, therefore, a variety of price points. The one at the top of this photo is roughly 3' wide, to give you an idea. These were originally brought in to the shop at Father's Day gifts a couple years ago and have done so well, they now keep them year round.

355 W 19th St
(713) 864-4411

CODA is packed full of fun entertaining gifts. These aprons go back to the whole "King of The Grill" notion.

Eco-friendly and Dad-ish, these drinking glasses are made from exactly what they look like they're made from- beer bottles. There are also non-alcoholic versions from soda bottles and wine glasses.

One Green Street
3423 White Oak Dr
(281) 888-9518

These great hankies are sold at OGS and made by another local business, Paule Hewlett's Beyond Her. Paule also makes incredible knit scarves, tank dresses, and dish towels. Buy yourself a little something while you're at it! Double local shopping whammy!

These stainless steel wallets are pretty funky, too. If they're at OGS, you can bet they have a cool story about how they're upcycled!

Artist made key chains are a nice token gift if Dad doesn't already have a lanyard made by his kiddo (like mine does).

While at One Green Street, you can also check out their great line of men's skin care and buy some fresh coffee beans roasted by Boomtown Coffee. Another double Heights shopping prize!

Heights Vinyl
3122 White Oak Dr
(281) 974-1234

Is Dad a rocker, or just nostalgic? Heights Vinyl has cool headphones and turntables. 
Tons of records--- if he doesn't want to listen to vinyl, 
his fave record can still make cool wall art!
They also carry a lot of band t-shirts, 
although they are sold out of the "I'm not moving to Austin" shirt.

Hello Lucky
1025 Studewood St

(713) 864-3556

I didn't actually go in to Hello, Lucky yesterday 

because my husband has about a dozen t-shirts from there.
I had to share this HL Facebook photo though, 

because if Dad doesn't have one of these bad boys, he needs one!
Saw a guy at the Galleria in one a couple weeks ago and it brought a huge smile to my face.
They come in kiddo sizes and women's cut as well.

Did you find something fun or creative for Dad in the Heights? Share in the comments!


  1. Premium Draught and Houston Dairymaids! I like that t-shirt, too.

  2. For the Foodie, Revival Market. I just made a last minute gift bag of Market Dry Rub, Jerky, Chili Nuts, and Bourban Cajetta.

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