Monday, July 13, 2009

Yard Art in The Heights

If you were playing trivia at a bar, how would you answer this question: "Which neighborhood in Houston has the most yard art?"

I'd wager it's The Heights.

A quick jaunt around the 'hood unearthed these gems:

This piece of yard art is located in the spacious yard at 18th and Harvard.

This piece of yard art is actually a bed turned into a planter (with a flamingo? added). You can check it out near the intersection of 12th and Harvard.

This piece of art can be found near 14th and Cortlandt.

It certainly feels hot enough to sustain cacti in our neighborhood. This one is located near 15th and Cortlandt.

This piece is near 8th and Columbia.

Have you seen any other pieces of yard art in your neck of The Heights?

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  1. The 600 block of Euclid has a yard art gallery.