Friday, October 2, 2009

Things Are Really Moving

I always refer to 19th Street as our "main street." It is the center of the little town we call The Heights. Its our primary shopping destination and for years was the only place in town you could get a fancy-ish meal.
These days we have a lot of options for eating and shopping around The Heights. 19th Street is still a worthy destination, though. This weekend brings 1st Saturday and if it's been a while since you've been or even if the last time you were on 19th was last First Saturday, I think you'll be suprised to see all the changes. What's interesting is that things haven't just opened or closed. A lot of the same places and faces, just moved to different spaces!
One of the biggest moves was M2 Gallery moving in to a new space in the old theater. A brightly lit corner has been dedicated to Chicle de Anya and the gallery

A new use of a cool space. The gallery and boutique have been in this location for just under 4 weeks.

Greated by the the theater's (?) vintage projector.

Chicle de Anya's corner

Walking down to see what went in to Erica Del Gardo's old space, I noticed Felix at Behind The Garden Gate has a new friend. CODA, which opened on August 1st just in time for White Linen Night, sells inexpensive gift items like Tyler Candles and other home furnishing items. When you stop in, say "Hi" to the proprietor, Frank. He's a really nice guy.

CODA and Behind The Garden Gate, 355 W 19th Street

Felix and Frank gave me a heads' up on what was in the old jewelry store at 365 19th. Donell Marks has opened Center Stage Furniture & Home Staging. Her shop has been open around 3 weeks and has some pretty cool mid-century and vintage pieces.

Erica Del Gardo moved in to an expanded location a few doors down. Now she can offer even more of her handmade, unique jewelry items. She makes all the pieces in the store, so you may even catch her in process. I forgot to ask if she is going to offer classes, but she has done cool metal work classes in the past. Be sure to ask if you see her...

The new store is more than 2x the size of the previous location.

In addition to her handmade jewelry, Erica also has fun accessories for sale.

A Heights Life fave, Sew Crafty moved from it's cute White Oak location to an expanded space in Tansu's old location. I'll miss Tansu a lot, but I was glad to hear that her reasons for closing were personal and positive, rather than lack of business or anything like that. Again, this change is less than a month old. The new space looks awesome and I expect SC will be able to offer more cool classes for crafty peeps.

I didn't get an opportunity to go in or speak with anyone here, but looks like a fitness place of some sort is opening in M2's old place. The sign had information for a bootcamp.

Also, this Gilbert Joseph Home store should be opening soon.

Not all the changes were fun, though. Three stores are going or gone.

The 2nd shop was Balinska's or something like that. I never really went in there because... well a few years ago I was bit by a chijuajua in that store. Weird and random, I know...

For those of us who live to eat, Conroe's popular Pie In The Sky Pie Company is moving in to The Heights as well. This bright green eye-catcher is just west of Vietnam Restaurant, 19th and Shepherd. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, Pie may be some competition to the newLola.

19th Street isn't the only part of The Heights going through some changes. I am giddy with excitment about some of the new things on deck and extremely curious about what some others will offer down the road. All in all, a very exciting time to be living life in The Heights!

I think this renovated bungalow across from Berryhill is set to be Zelko Bistro

Wondering if this is really going to happen?


Redevelopment on Studewood

Plenty of opportunity on White Oak


  1. I loved Tansu! One of my favorite decor pieces in my house was bought from there. Can't wait to hit up Center Stage.

  2. Just so you know... Balinskas moved their store into their warehouse location on Taft. I miss that place, it had great architechtural antiques among other things. Go visit them (and yes, their dogs)!

  3. ^^ good to know. i hate to see a business close. i looked for a sign to see if they had moved (due to the 19th street shuffle) but they didn't have anything. being bit by a dog was not pleasant, i have to say.