Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Heights Snapshot: The Prettiest View

Sunday, March 28

3:30 PM

The view from the Taylor overpass at I-10

I love this view. In fact, I love the view from the whole stretch of I-10 from Taylor to Shepherd. This is my favorite part, though. I often imagine interstate travelers driving the length of I10, spanning the whole southern portion of our country. Driving, they see this park on a sunny Sunday and they think What a pretty neighborhood. On this day, they would see joggers and bike riders, a softball game, a birthday party, frolicking dogs and kids climbing all over a cool piece of outdoor art. As they head out of Houston, they'll see the same things you can see off any stretch of highway, in any other city. Costco. A mall. An outlet mall. And then the country and truck stops. I hope in the slice of our city these travelers see, they remember this picture. The prettiest view of Houston from Interstate 10. A picture of the Heights. 


  1. Definitely one of my favorites! I also like the view of the Houston Skyline from the over pass on Shepherd between 11th and i-10. The sunrises are breathtaking on a clear morning!

  2. I dig it, too. It makes me feel really zen.