Friday, May 7, 2010

A Heights Snapshot: A Portable Neighbor

Tuesday, May 4

Roughly 3 PM

6th and Yale

As a friend of mine said this morning via her FB status, " I love, love, love art car season." I love that people come from all over the country for our parade and together we celebrate the quirky side of a city better known for oil & gas (and Enron).

Driving Tuesday afternoon, I saw this crazy blue creation sitting in the parking lot of the 6th & Yale garage. Fortunately, I also saw someone fiddling around behind it. I stopped and met Michelle, AKA Gypsy Mermaid, and her 2 vehicles- Gypsy Caravan and Pirate Scooter. Michelle has been traveling via art car since 2001. A native Canadian, she has seen most of her country and of ours. She made it to Houston in November, living in the Caravan, and has stuck around at the urging of many art car friends. The crew at 6th & Yale recently replaced her engine for her and said it would be great if she wanted to hang out at their location for a while. Michelle is excited to be a part of this year's Art Car Parade and has been enjoying her time in Houston. I asked how long she thought she might stay. She's unsure but she has a "marriage proposal on the table" that could keep her here. Look for the Caravan and say "Hi!" She could soon be a permanent neighbor!

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