Friday, May 21, 2010

A Heights Snapshot: MAMs and Moms

Sunday, May 9, 2010

3 PM

20th at Rutland, Home to MAMs House of Ice Snoballs

The Heights Life would like to wish MAM's a very Happy 1st Birthday!

My family remembers fondly when you were new and in walking distance from our home, parked in the Fiesta lot on Studewood. The move to 20th didn't make it that much harder to reach you, though. Now we just use bikes instead of feet! On Mother's Day, we had a great day in the Heights with brunch at Zelko Bistro, baby nap time and lunch at home. After lunch I wanted something cold and sweet. In other words, MAMs was calling. We wheeled up and headed out on the bike path. Apparently quite a few moms were in the same frame of mind!

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  1. Happy B-Day to MAM's and so glad you are in the heights. MAM's is the closest that you can get to a Nawlins sno-ball and they have great flavors to boot.

    BUT!! Please, please, please figure out how to make them faster. You are the slowest people on earth!!! When I go with my kids, after ordering it takes on average (good day) 15 minutes to get our order. You shave ice, pour flavors on and serve. In NOLA, that takes all of three minutes including napkins, spoons and change. Not rocket science people.