Monday, March 21, 2011

Our 1st Craftacular- Recap

Last Saturday brought some beautiful weather for the inaugural weekend of Second Saturday Craftacular, a new monthly art and craft market. The event, curated by Teresa O'Connor from Hello, Lucky and hosted by Davis Hardware, featured local artists, hand made goods, and crafty fun.

The market will run the 2nd Saturday of the month from 11 AM- 3 PM.

The monthly event kicked off on the small side with 10 vendors. This was, Teresa explained, to get an idea of what was working, what wasn't and generally work out any kinks early on. Next month, we can expect more vendors. We can also anticipate warmer temperatures- good thing some refreshing shaved ice will also be on hand.

With her shop right across the street, Teresa wanted to offer something different and fun for the Craftacular. Instead of already created items, Teresa packaged up some little craft sacks to help us all indulge our creative sides. For about the price of the change in your car's cup holder, there were all kinds of notions to be had.

Craft bags in the blue. Grab and go!

Vintage NatGeos were also available for repurpose in your next creative project.

A couple of other vendors I recognized from the shop, but some were also new to me. It was great to see a large collection of Sara Huffman's found block art. I've been thinking about sending one of these to my sister back East but never saw just the right one. I was drawn to the great colors and message of "intrepid" but also felt that "sublime" was nice. In any case, I didn't pick one up this month because my kids would have thought it was a toy for them. Next month I'll see what inspires me and send it on.

Another favorite local artist of mine, Lisa Chow was on hand with prints and art cards. She also made homemade chocolate chip cookies. You're not going to find that at a big box store! Lisa's illustrations are pure imagination. You can check out her Etsy store here but it's more fun to meet her in person and get some baked goods!

The other tables were all new to me. It was great to see so much diversity of product in such a small group. Each table was very unique from the other, keeping it interesting and focused. I can't wait to see what happens as this little market grows from month to month.

Frilled and Feathered. I love jewelry and am a sucker for hand made. I love anything one-of-a-kind or at least not mass produced. Frilled and Feathered had some really whimsical and creative pieces, but also plenty that would appeal to a more conservative wearer.

There were funky shirt options available for both men and women. Both genders had their choice of tshirts or printed Western shirts from Tupelo Grease Company. While women could wear some positivity on tops from Guli Essa's line "Self Apparel."

Men's and women's tshirts from Tupelo Grease Company

Self sufficient- just one of the positive messages from Guli Essa

More local artists were representing, including Garrett Arnold, who you may know if you hang out at Antidote at all. He had these great mixed media works and illustrations:

Funky art couple Sylvester Sanchez and Erica Bogdan were working their table and working up more drawings at the same time. Both are recent college grads who work in graphic design. It's great to see new faces represented and getting the work they love out there!

Lastly, if you've never been in Davis Hardware, you might not realize they are primarily a framing shop. Robert, whose family owns the shop, was representing with frames and mirrors, ready to answer questions. His aunt, Twila, was also out with some stamping supplies, offering demos.

I love it when people come together and strengthen the fabric of the neighborhood. It's so wonderful of Davis to host this event in their parking lot. The store is open until 1 PM on Saturdays and they are giving up 99% of their parking, but it's all about being part of the community and working together to support local business and artists. Who can argue against that?

Had to include my boys, who enjoyed the whole thing by running me ragged, touching The only time they would stand still was to make some faces in Davis Hardware's mirrors.

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