Friday, November 4, 2011

Criminal Scum on the Loose!

I am posting this with permission from a neighborhood mom and member of Heights Kids Group. She sent it to the forum, but as you can imagine is feeling pretty vulnerable right now so I am not including any of her information. This is just too important not to share!

Hi! I just wanted to post this to the group just in case it can help prevent this from happening to anyone else. Last Thursday I came home with all three kids to find my backdoor wide open! I was terrified! They took EVERYTHING!!! Even our food.. Most importantly they robbed me and my family of our sense of security in our own home. :( 
Anyway, [this group has] consistently been hitting about 5 houses in the area a day. They seem to be focusing in Lazybrook, Timbergrove, and Garden Oaks/Oak Forest. One of the worthless thieves was caught and arrested on Monday. I spoke with an officer today and [the thief] is out and has already hit more houses!! Absolutely ridiculous that he was able to bond out. Infuriates me! 
I wanted to post all the info I have been given so if you see them please call the police as soon as possible. I saw two vehicles that fit the description this morning and they said it was them but were unable to get them. :( There is a tan Ford 150 (four door) with license plate number 35H BG9. Tan buick sedan license plate CB7 N25. There is also a light blue toyota and black SUV (possibly a Tahoe). They apparently knock on the door and when no answer they go around back and kick in the door. Please always make your presence known! The police said even if there is a car and alarm they will kick in door with no answer. Which terrified me since I NEVER answer the door. Be safe and please please please keep your eyes out for these cars! The guys that have been spotted at the door and previously arrested are hispanic males. One is about 6ft tall and 200 pounds with tattoos on his neck and sometimes wears horn rimmed glasses. There were apparently two white males that knocked for a long time on my door the day before our robbery! My neighbors said they were very insistent and aggressive with knocking. Please stay safe and keep your eyes out!

So, there you have it. All eyes on deck to find these guys before someone else has to share a story like this! In my opinion, the best neighbors are nosey neighbors. 


  1. Mu husband and neighbor who is a Sheriff caught that one burglar in the act on Monday in Oak Forest. He had the tan truck pulled into my neighbor's (across the street) driveway and had plenty of flat screens, handbags, etc. in the bag, plus frozen tv dinners!! We are all on the lookout, especially since we heard he was out yesterday. He was seen knocking on doors near Tannehill (18th/Ella area) and now has a warrant for his arrest for a separate burglary that also occurred on Monday.

  2. I run a crime alert email list for the Timbergrove neighborhood. The license plate listed above for the Buick is incorrect. The correct license plate is CB7 N725. The 1995 Buick and the 2005 gold-colored 4-door Ford F150 pickup are registered to the same address, a residence in north Houston just inside beltway 8 off Antoine. The license plate for the F150 is correct. The F150 was photographed with a cell phone camera during a burglary in Lazybrook on 10/31. My understanding is the F150 was stopped by HPD on 10/31 after the Lazybrook burglary with stolen items inside.

    The blue Toyota is probably a very light blue-colored older model Camry, Texas license plate BKH 079. The Camry is NOT registered to the same address as the F150 and Buick, but the Camry was intercepted attempting a burglary in Timbergrove on 10/20.

    Timbergrove is watching out for these vehicles. Please pass this information on to any Heights group who would be interested. I have a Lazybrook contact I share information with but nobody in The Heights.

    This guy is completely shameless and appears to have no fear of the law. Nonetheless - he is fairly distinctive with his neck tattoos and his vehicles are well known now. Let's get him stopped.

  3. Please update if you hear they've been caught.

  4. So about 30 minutes ago I saw some guys that could have been them casing around 31st near Shepherd. They were in a brand new grey Tahoe. The gas tank cover was silver. No license plate on the front. The back license was a new paper plate and I couldn't make it out. Iamde eye contact with them. They were for sure up to something.
    Not sure if I should send this info to the police.

  5. Always send anything and everything to the police. They do appreciate it and want help catching these guys as well!

  6. Scary stuff...
    I never answer the front door, either...

  7. Can we get some names of these individuals. How about mug shots?

  8. How can these peoplke bail out and get right back to robbing homes ? Next time they are caught we should have the Judge hold them or we will not re-elect him or her . This has to stop .

  9. The guy with the tattoos on his neck was seen hanging out in Timbergrove West this morning (Monday November 7). He was driving the gold colored Buick and was with another Hispanic male who was driving a black Chevy Tahoe. HPD was called when they were sighted at 7:30am BUT WHEN THE NEIGHBOR WHO CALLED AT 7:30 RETURNED AT 8:30, THIS GUY WAS STILL HANGING OUT! They are hiding in plain sight. Watch out for them.

    Timbergrove East email list coordinator.