Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reminder: Vital meeting about the I45 expansion TONIGHT!

This is the reminder letter I got from the I45 Coalition today, which highlights some of the big questions. PLEASE attend. We are fighting for our homes!

i45logo.jpgREMINDER –TxDOT Public Scoping Meeting is tonight at Jeff Davis High School, 1101 Quitman St., 6 pm – 8 pm.Meeting will be in an ‘Open House’ format, so you can come & go. A short 10-minute video will be shown regarding the project. There will be informational maps shown & TxDOT will be there to answer questions.
IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOU ATTEND SO YOU WILL KNOW WHAT TxDOT IS PLANNING TO DO ON I-45!  TxDOT wants your input!  Please give it to them!!~ New updates ~·        TxDOT says that “Acquisition of additional ROW (right-of-way) would be required to construct the proposed improvements”!  What are the proposed improvements??  No one knows!  [a]
·        TxDOT says that along I-45 from I-10 heading north to 610 – additional ROW will likely be needed atall intersecting streets with I-45. [b]   How far into the neighborhood?
·        TxDOT also says that along I-45 from 610 North to Beltway 8 North – more ROW will likely be neededeverywhere – at & between all intersections[b]   How much bigger? How far into the neighborhood?

At the Public Meeting make sure you get as many answers as you can.  If there are ANY questions that do not get answered - or - if you do not like the answers, it is VITAL that you put your comments in writing either at the meeting, by email or by postal mail after the meeting but no later than12/5/11.Are there concerns or demands that you have?   Put them in writing! Here are some of our concerns and questions:·        TxDOT has already stated they want additional right-of-way to increase the size of the freeway! How much is enough?
·        We do NOT want to expand the freeway right-of-way! Do NOT expand into our neighborhoods!·        We would like reduced congestion but not at the expense of losing our homes!·        We do NOT want a multi-level freeway above the ground – the noise and pollution will affect our neighborhoods! … our schools & our children!
·        We want TxDOT to look into other technologies – other than just pouring more & more concrete for more and more lanes. We don’t have room for an I-10 on I-45!
·        We do not want our quality of life negatively affected.·        We do want TxDOT to look into the possibility of building a tunnel to reduce traffic congestion.·        Where is the funding coming from for this project?  Will the lanes have a toll charge?·        Will the project cause additional flooding in the neighborhood from additional concrete? ·        If detention or retention ponds are needed, will they be created as ‘park-ready’?Be sure you put your comments in writing either at the meeting or via postal mail (Director of Project Development, TxDOT, P.O.Box 1386, Houston TX 77251-1386) or by email   (probably the best way) (HOU-piowebmail@txdot.gov). The deadline for comments is December 5, 2011.You can get additional information from TxDOT’s website at www.IH45NorthandMore.comWho is the I-45 Coalition? We are a grassroots organization of concerned citizens and civic associations from neighborhoods affected by potential I-45 expansion.Are you on the I-45 Coalition’s email list? We will notify you of all meetings & issues so you stay fully informed.Please go to our Face Book page and / or  www.I-45Coalition.org  and sign up.     
If you care about your neighborhood; if you are concerned about noise, pollution and your quality of life – YOU MUST ATTEND! Stay involved …it is your neighborhood!
[a] North Houston Highway Improvement Project, Draft Agency Coordination & Public Involvement Plan, Page 2, paragraph 2[b] North Houston Highway Improvement Project, Draft Need & Purpose, Page 1-8, paragraph 1
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