Monday, April 6, 2009

A Wedding on 19th Street

Ah, The Heights life.

This weekend, my partner Matt and I rode our bikes to a wedding on 19th Street.

Our friends (and neighbors), Anne and Gena, proclaimed and celebrated their love at the M-Squared gallery. The space was perfect for the nighttime soiree.

The gallery has two distinct rooms. One was used for the bar and the jazz band, while the other was used for the food (included the tops of cupcakes--which is the best part!).

During the reception, I was outside talking to a nice man about vintage clothing (specifically about a full velvet suit with a pattern of different shades of brown) and I realized he was Max, the gallery owner. I got to pet his hairless dog.

I also met a fire fighter who works at the station on N. Main and learned that you never, ever, ever want to slide down the fire pole when it's slippery with fog. Just imagine two broken knees. And, if you want to ingratiate yourself with the local fire department, you should show up with cookies (which I plan to do on Thursday).

I spent a minute or two marveling at the sticks that Anne asked to collect from our backyard and spray painted into a veritable art form.

At one point, we walked down the street to say hi to the folks at the Friends For Life grand opening. They had their own party going on in another beautiful space with a yummy spread of food.

As Matt and I rode home, I sighed a huge sign of contentment. I said into the rushing wind, "This is our neighborhood." Cheesy, but true.

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  1. Thank you for attending. You and Matt can ride your bike to our new location, The Heights Theater," 339 W 19th St, just three doors left of our old space.