Thursday, April 2, 2009

Welcome to The Heights Life

My hope for this blog is that it can be a resource for you, to help you enjoy getting to know The Heights' residents and neighborhood a little better.

This blog was born out of a true affection and appreciation for this neighborhood: its past--one of the few places in Houston where the city’s history is easily accessible, including my neighborhood, Proctor Plaza, the largest historic district in Houston; its present--renovation, new construction, business, and constant change are part of the fabric of The Heights; and what it all means for its future--can we keep our diversity, our eclectic nature, our soul?

This blog is about a desire to highlight how truly special and unique this area is. It is unlike any other neighborhood in Houston. It’s an amazing place to live, steeped with history and a sense of community. The Heights has one of the most truly interesting gatherings of residents in Houston, and they’re doing all kinds of interesting things. I hope to put a spotlight on the people and places that make The Heights what it is!

Lots of people have different opinions about what constitutes “The Heights.” For me, it’s Buffalo Bayou to The Loop; Shepherd/Durham to North Main. It’s a lot of ground to cover but worth every square inch!

To focus on The Heights as a whole, I'm going to break it down. These are the categories you can expect to see on The Heights Life:

Our Neighbors: The kind of people who choose to reside here are the heart and soul of The Heights. Without the diversity, this would be any other neighborhood. Sure, you probably know the people on your block. You know those you interact with at your neighborhood association, in your moms’ group, in your book club. How about those people you see at the coffee shop and wonder “What’s their story?” What about the woman with the crazy garden full of plants you’ve never seen before or the guy with the large metal ball of fire in his yard? We want to help you get to know more about them.

The Heights At Work: Small businesses seem to thrive in The Heights. What brings these business owners to this area? How do they contribute to our own little micro-economy? There is also an abundance of home-based businesses in The Heights. We’ll seek out who they are and what they have to offer.

Living and working in The Heights isn’t just about business for profit, either. There are individuals and groups that care greatly for this area. Whether it’s helping children get a strong start in our schools, helping keep us free from graffiti, or protecting history, this community cares about each other. The Heights is a magnet for art and artists. Galleries abound; The Heights Opera thrives. Art and culture are always buzzing on our streets.

The Heights at Home: People can do some pretty amazing things with an 1100 sq ft bungalow or a small patch of yard. Original homes get a new life. New homes display historic charm with thoroughly modern conveniences. Let’s take a peek in to the homes and gardens of The Heights.

Heights Happenings: Something is always going on in The Heights. Every week I will highlight events coming up in and around the neighborhood. In addition to highlighted events, we will have a calendar for all the community events we know about. If you have something coming up, email us and we can add your event for your friends and neighbors to see!

Heights Bites: The Heights has always been home to great neighborhood joints. Old school hamburgers and 24 hour Tex-Mex are nothing new. Recently, though, an influx of “name brand” chefs has put The Heights on the foodie map--not just in Houston, but nationwide! I’ll tour favorites, old and new, and give you a neighbor’s opinion.

The Heights at Play: The Heights has a vast network of parks, a newly constructed bike trail, a public garden and more. There are so many places where everyone is welcome to enjoy the neighborhood. We’ll show you the best spots to relax, enjoy some time outdoors and just have fun.

Heights Life In General: Sometimes life is too big for a category. Life in The Heights is no different. Sometimes I just need to talk about Life In General.

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