Thursday, April 2, 2009

Who I Am

In my past life, I have worn many hats. Waitress. Park ranger. Retail manager. Recruiter. Nowadays, I wear my most important and certainly favorite hat: Mother. Before this new life, where I lived was all about being in the thick of things. When we moved to The Heights almost 5 years ago, we knew we would be slowing down and having a family. However, we had no idea how much living here would mean to us as a family. This neighborhood is many things, but most of all it’s the truest 'community' I have found since I left the cozy western Massachusetts town I grew up in.

These days, I do still spend a lot of time in the thick of things. The “things” are just different. I enjoy being active in this community in a way I never was in that previous life. From volunteering for the Heights Kids’ Group as an administrator to serving on the board of my neighborhood association, I like knowing about my neighborhood. Having days filled with toting two toddlers has also given me an opportunity to gain insight in to where I live. I spend a lot of hours walking the streets of The Heights, getting to know the homes, the parks, the shops and the eateries. I can see the pride people take in living here, working here and raising their families here. I continue to be more and more proud of the neighborhood we are and what I believe we stand for- diversity, acceptance, friendship and community.

I wanted to write this blog for several reasons. Generally, I just love The Heights and am proud to call it home. I am also a lover of architecture and community history. I love being surrounded by all different kinds of people. I wanted to write this blog to help myself stay aware of what a special place The Heights is by exploring and showcasing the things that make it so. I hope by blogging about it, others can also see what I see in this town inside a city. Together, I hope we can understand, preserve and foster the essence of this community.

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