Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Supplemental: Helping Hogg

This email was sent out to the Heights Kids' Group this morning. The effort is being organized by a neighbor of mine in looovely Norhill and I told her I would share it however, where ever I could. I hope you can take 3 minutes of your time and support community efforts to build better schools. Even if you don't have kids in the HISD schools in the Heights, getting a better education for all children helps all of us in the end! Thanks!

Friends and neighbors,

A group of community parents have been investigating ways to revitalize Hogg Middle School. A few us met with Dr. Grier to discuss the need for significant change and improvement to Hogg. He seemed to appreciate our directness and asked us to gather Grassroots support.

To demonstrate that improving our neighborhood school, Hogg MS, is an issue widely-supported by the community, an online petition has been created. We are hoping to gather 1000+ signatures from the 77007, 77008 and 77009 zip codes in the next 10 days or so. Below is the link:

Please sign the petition, if you support this effort and live within the 77007, 77008, 77009 area. It would be great if you would also forward to other individuals you know in the community.

Our need for a strong, viable neighborhood middle school option grows every day! How wonderful it would be to send our children to school down the street and with the classmates with whom they have shared so many years already. Every child in our diverse neighborhood deserves a quality education.


  1. Doing my part to help this go "viral!" I filled out the petition and it took about a minute and a half. If you have a spouse, make them sign it, too!

  2. Not trying to be negative, but I think its interesting that I cannot join Heights Kids b/c I live two blocks west of Durham, but now they are okay with anyone living in 77008 signing this petition.

  3. Who cares about Heights kids group... I don't need to join some elitist group but I do need the school my kid is zoned to to not totally suck. Please sign for our kids - there are a ton of us affected by this that aren't "Heights" or whatnot and we all have to work together

  4. Anonymous1- The Heights Kids Group is an email forum where a concerned parent knew she could get some traction on this issue. The school issue is not being facilitated by HKG. We are all just trying to share information and do the best we can for our kids. Also, if you live west of Durham, there is an active group in Timbergrove you might consider.