Saturday, September 19, 2009


Have you seen this art car? Last week it was stolen from it's home in Garden Oaks.

Art Cars are always a labor of love and this one especially. AC-8 was built by Johnny Rojas for his wife Cynthia.

AC-8, Art Car #8, made it's debut at the 2008 Houston Art Car Parade. AC-8 has been featured at the Art Car Museum and has made several appearances at schools and other venues.
What made this art car special was it being small in size. It was a great one for children, who could relate to it. A custom car their size!

Johnny and Cynthia's biggest fear is AC-8 being scrapped for the steel. About 400 lbs.

Please, if you have any information about AC-8, call Johnny Rojas @ 713-899-9900

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