Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Heights Holiday Shop-o-rama, Part 3

Kids. I believe in the end people who are buying for kids- their own or someone else's- are the busiest shoppers during the holidays. My brother wants to go to Toys R Us Friday and get the boys' presents before he heads back to D.C. Ummmmm. No. The parking, the pushing, the crying, the assaults. The last thing I want is to be at a toy store on Black Friday. Well, unless it's one in The Heights. I have several Heights businesses tell me "We don't have a Black Friday" which is both good and bad. I, personally, will be able to enjoy shopping without the insanity of the mall but our wonderful local merchants won't have an onslaught of new business either. So, I will direct my brother to one of these great stores and we'll certainly find something for both of my kids and some of the others we need to buy for.
I have 2 kids, both boys. In the past I have been forced out of the neighborhood due to a conspicuous lack of boyish toy options. However, I definitely did not have this issue on my recent shop trek.
Jubilee is probably one of the girliest stores ever, but there is a certain kind of kitsch that belongs to the boys: ROBOTS. From this fun, fun, fun robot hat to wind up toys for stocking stuffers (and I know some grown men who would love these as well), Jubilee had lots of offer the Puppydog Tails pack.

Shamelessly getting to show off my Wee One again. In robot knit hat. Too cute!

Wind up robots, assorted sizes and styles from $22

$5 wind up toys are perfect stocking stuffers

Olive Anne and The Pink Pokka Dot. Yup, full on girlie, but I guess they have also realized that there are a lot of boys around. While many boys might not be having a birthday party in the Pokka Dot room anytime soon, there are certainly some great gifts that most boys would love. (Gasp- I forgot to take notes on prices for Olive Anne. Sorry!)

Cars and blocks that make noise = boy heaven.

Finger puppets make another great stocking stuffer

If you have an expectant mom or newborn on your list, Olive Anne has some great baby keepsake gifts

For a new little boy. Similar offerings, plus some, in pink.

And I wouldn't want you to think they still didn't offer all-things-sugar-and-spice!

In addition to my own boys, I have 2 nephews and 4 nieces to buy for. Two nieces live in Austin and they are 12, both to turn 13 within the next 2 months. You know how "tween" girls are- they like stuff. Context on 19th is a great option for such stuff. While it looks like a "boutique" it's actually pretty affordable. I must disclose, Context is not "local" as defined by The 3/50 Project. They are owned by a local company who specializes in "boutiques" though, so money does stay in our local economy.

Costume jewelry selection to rival Forever 21 start at $5.00

Scarves and more scarves

Cute jackets like this are in the $60-70 range. Not Walmart prices, but less than you would expect at a boutique. Cute as a splurge item for my tween nieces.

And we can't forget the other kind of children that live in The Heights: Our four legged ones! Teresa at Urban Dog has treats and deals for your furry tail wagger. In addition to all the great toys and treats, Teresa offers 5% off first time bag-food purchases.

For the Foodie Pooch, homemade snacks for their doggy stockings.

A fun variety of beds, bowls, and balls

The Best Seller: Sam's YamsSweet Potato Dog Chews are all natural, human food grade and highly nutritious.

Happy shopping, friends and neighbors.

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